Testosterone + Masteron

most of the posts that I see about masteron say that you should not bother to use it if your bf isn’t low, them someone made me think when he reminded me about the anti-e properties of mast therefore it should have a synergistic effect when used with test and we should not care about cutting or bulking.

How true and how strong would this effect be?

Would you be able to use mast in order to prevent test side effects?

Would you be able to use less test and get the same results?

Although you wont get to see the visual effect masteron has on your physique, it is still worth the effort I believe. It kept my muscles full all the time on minimal carbs. which made me feel jacked all the time. I stopped using it at the end of my cycle to see if I noticed a difference and I definetly did. I will be running about 350mg/week minimum on my next bulk.

as far as your questions go

  1. the best effect is the fullness/hardnes

  2. No, you still need your anti-e of choice

  3. No, masteron is not a muscle builder, it is more of a paritioner.

Use an AI to prevent test sides.

Masteron is a good drug, Im not sure I would use it while bulking, kind of a waste, as its primary results are not seen.

androgen is androgen, but you would do better to pick something cheaper and more effective for producing size and strength.

what sides? hairloss?

He posted that reply 10 years ago. I don’t know if westclock is even around anymore. Good guy he was.


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have you run test w mast? results?

@studhammer has alot of experience with test and mast combos. I just got my hands on some mast and plan on running it with testosterone

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What do you need to know? Maybe I can help

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When are you starting your blast?

@studhammer @alldayeveryday thanks guys

I am on TRT and have asked the board a lot of questions about how it all shakes out hormone wise and i am still learning. my intial inquiry about Mast was in an effort to push up libido. I am only 6 weeks in and on 120 a week cyp, so i know this is something that is the long play, yet i had shtty libido for a long time now and i wan tto be proactive and get this going …

here are some key levels from jan blood work - i can post more data if needed.

after researching Mast I began to research Proviron and i now think low dose Proviron may help me drive down SHBG and free up test without causing me some unwanted E issues … but you guys are the experts so tell me what you think. all advice appreciated

so far my gains muscle wise have been solid in the gym … steadily getting stronger which is appreciated! i was initally on HCG but had a huge shed week 2 and stopped. i really have zero sex drive and am really tired of that.

I have always been lean. Currently 14 BF at 6’ 185

Testosterone, Tot
Range 264 - 916
My level 122

Free T (Direct)
6.8 - 21.5

30 - 85

Thyroxin (T4)
0.82 - 1.77

102.6 - 416.3

0.450 - 4.500

Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
1.7 - 8.6

4.0 - 15.2

PSA - Serum
0.0 - 4.0

75 - 216

Reverse T3 - Serum
9.2 - 24.1

Estradiol, Sensitive
8.0 - 35.0

Thyrogobulin Antibody
0.0 - 0.9

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)
0 - 34

Triiodothyronine (T3) - Free
2.0 - 4.4

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
16.5 - 55.9

65 - 99

6.0 - 24

0.76 - 1.27

These are some crappy numbers. Mast is a DHT derivative and should help get your DHT levels up. DHT should definitely help both your libido and your erections.

My erections were great until I ran a cycle of NPP which apparently messed with my serotonin and dopamine and nitric oxide, all which affect erections. I started a blast of Mast with my cruise dose and things are MUCH better! Morning wood is present and accounted for, I can pretty much be assured that Mr. Johnson will be ready when I need him and the wife can tell the difference. All good things.

I personally dont know anything about proviron, except what I’ve read. But with Mast Eth, you can pin both Test and Mast twice a week in the same syringe and your life is much easier and no liver issues with an extra oral in your system.

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Damn bro! Those numbers are trash! OBVIOUSLY PRE TRT. The 120 mg a week is a great place to start. I’m absolutely sure your anxious but let’s be real here your only 6 weeks in. Dont jump the gun and start adding a bunch of stuff in just to complicate things. #1 you should really start your own thread and tag me in it. Probably stud as well. I’ll follow the thread for sure. Proviron I dont think drives shbg down per say. Your shbg will attach to the proviron first and just leave your testosterone free to do it’s good work. Look into our conversations on here about neurotransmitters. You had severely low e2 pre trt as I did. E2 upregulates serotonin in the brain which is the happy hormone. When your e2 is crashed your serotonin I believe crashes with it. You can supplement 5-HTP before bed. Your body uses 5-HTP to make serotonin. Your on the right track. Proviron and masteron are both notorious for increasing libido. Proviron can be used for extended periods but apparently Masteron plays hell on lipid panels so buyer beware.

I’m on week 3 of my blast right now. I dropped the dbol last Tuesday as I was having severe stomach pain. Felt like severe gas pain. Like I was ready to pop. Got tired of it so I dropped the dbol. Felt better within a couple days. I’m still running 300mg test per week and feeling really strong. Like crazy strong. It wasnt my intention this morning but I ended up setting a personal record on bench press this morning. Previously 315lb and today I hit 335 lbs. I hit 295 lbs and I felt really good so I thought I would attempt 315 lbs. Hit it effortlessly. My spotter said I should add a couple 5 lb plates so I did. 325 lbs no problem so I switched them out for 10 lb plates and made the lift. I was strutting the rest of the morning lol

Outstanding! :muscle:

I’m the incredible shrinking man. I have noticeable atrophy in my left shoulder. Another week of PT before I can even do anything with resistance

Any changes before you dropped the dbol?

No not really. An initial jump in weight from 195 lbs to 201.6 lbs and then nothing. No strength increase nothing

TRASH is right …

I tagged you in my original thread

thats really good info

how do you know the NPP messed with your neurotransmitters? i started a thread on the dopamine-testosterone connection a while back as i read that low T and low D are correlated in some studies

from online reading and Dr. @physioLojik confirmed this too.

So what is the path to recovery?