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Testosterone + Masteron


most of the posts that I see about masteron say that you should not bother to use it if your bf isn't low, them someone made me think when he reminded me about the anti-e properties of mast therefore it should have a synergistic effect when used with test and we should not care about cutting or bulking.

How true and how strong would this effect be?

Would you be able to use mast in order to prevent test side effects?

Would you be able to use less test and get the same results?


Although you wont get to see the visual effect masteron has on your physique, it is still worth the effort I believe. It kept my muscles full all the time on minimal carbs. which made me feel jacked all the time. I stopped using it at the end of my cycle to see if I noticed a difference and I definetly did. I will be running about 350mg/week minimum on my next bulk.

as far as your questions go

  1. the best effect is the fullness/hardnes

  2. No, you still need your anti-e of choice

  3. No, masteron is not a muscle builder, it is more of a paritioner.


Use an AI to prevent test sides.

Masteron is a good drug, Im not sure I would use it while bulking, kind of a waste, as its primary results are not seen.

androgen is androgen, but you would do better to pick something cheaper and more effective for producing size and strength.