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Testosterone Maintenance During Fire Academy


I’m going to be going to a fire academy coming up in April. This academy likes to do a lot of running and light weight interval circuits for their morning PT on top of all of the hose lays and ladder operations, so the days will be long and very endurance based. Since endurance training and long high stress days can take a toll on ones testosterone levels, I was wondering if anyone (possibly endurance athletes) an any ideas on what supplement stacks could help keep testosterone up during the 4 month long academy.


not testosterone related but Mag 10 and/or Plazma will help keep you together so to speak


I think if you recover good (diet, alcohol, sleep, daily stress) you don’t need to worry for a drop of testosterone for 4 months. If still keen, check rhodiola out.


supplements won’t do anything for your testosterone during these 4 months. just make sure you eat enough to recover (make sure you get enough fat), sleep 7 hours a night (non-negotiable, I was also in an academy and sleep debt is the biggest issue), and do stress-relieving things when away from the academy (hang out with family/friends, do mindfulness meditation, go to the movies, etc). watch out for excess caffeine - it has been shown to increase stress even more on top of already stressful activities. you also want sleep quality, which caffeine can affect greatly.

make sure you lift 2-4 x a week depending on how you feel and how active you were in the academy. you want to maintain what muscle you have. No more than an hour in the gym, and take plazma + creatine.


What makes you think your testosterone is going to be any different during the academy? Its just training… Cake daylight hours, controlled training fires, get plenty of sleep every night, nothing to interrupt your meals during the day lol

However, when you’re working in the station for 24 hours, getting shit for sleep, going to the fifth CPR for the week, absorbing hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide through your skin from the house fires… now THEN your testosterone is going to be affected.


I was more concerned about the endurance based nature of the training itself since that does not lend itself to solid test levels. However, I see all of your points, I guess it would take longer than 4 months to drastically affect test levels.


You’ll be fine in training man. You’re not in an environment, like say the military, where you’re underfed and forced to stay up without sleep. But seriously, the job itself, if you work in a busy city, will takes its toll. Best of luck to you.