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Testosterone Magazine


I was wondering what ever happened to TESTOSTERONE the magazine. I had one at the GNC i worked at like 2 years ago, but then the old guy that worked there read the story about a trip to Thailand (filled, of course, with tales of strippers, prostitutes, and drugs) and upon deciding that it was garbage, threw it away.

Is the magazine still being produced? And if so, how do i get my hands on one? I remember it being very interesting reading and the EDT arm training article really helped (esp. since mine were only like 15" at the time). If anyone knows what the deal is, please let me know, thanks.


TC has mentioned they're starting up a T-Nation magazine but several production issues have delayed the launch.


I had a subscription and all of a suddent my magazine stopped coming. Granted, I had already paid the fee. I more disappointed because it was an excellent magazine. The steroid and training information was elite.


Same here. Here's what really confuses me: Biotest has always been GREAT about customer service; why didn't they issue prorated refunds for the issues people didn't get?


Everyone with a subscription is welcome to a pro-rated refund. This has always been the case.


What is the process?


In that case, I apologize!