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Testosterone Magazine Backissues

Does anyone know whaere a guy can get his hands on some old print issues of T-Mag?

Pretty much the same info that’s in the paper mags are in the online mag. Sorry, don’t know where to get the paper mags though.

Sorry Jason, but you’re wrong. The paper issues have mostly new articles and columns that never appear in the online mag.

Not only are there never-before-seen installments of columns by Berardi, King, Alessi, TC, myself, and Cy Willson, but there are a couple of columns in the paper mag that don’t appear at all online.

There are several “best of” articles reprinted in the newsstand mag, but these are usually updated versions. Future paper issues will contain even more new feature articles.

Squatty, call customer service and ask about back issues. (800-530-1940) They’ll probably be able to hook you up with several issues, though the first couple are pretty hard to get these days. There are nine newsstand issues so far.

Hope that helps!

Sorry, I didn’t clarify. I knew that they had a few extras but wasn’t sure on everything. Guess I have to read my mags more carefully.

Netrition has some.

Mine are not for sale. I personally am missing:
1 (thought I had it, but cannot find it. May never have had it after all.)
4 (It might be around here somewhere.)
7 & 8 (Left them in the wrong place, and they were thrown away.)

Netrition lists 6, 8, and 9.

I need to subscribe. And put the magazines into those plastic comic bag things. Who’s got The Fantastic 4 issue 1? I’ll pay $10 for it.

I have 6,8,and 9 and I’ll trade all three for any issue of yours that I don’t have.