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Testosterone Low When on Test Cycle?

Are my T levels low for being on a cycle of test?

I’m 6 weeks into my first cycle of 250mg test cyp E3D and asin 6.25mg ED.

Got blood tested with testosterone at 1609 ng/dL and I was expecting a higher value. Could this mean my gear is not the best? Or low responder?

For reference my testosterone was 1200 ng/dL when on TRT at 175mg / week, pharmacy testosterone.

Definately low. I would expect at least 5000ng/dL
The test cyp you are using right now isn’t pharmacy, right? I would say it is underdosed : (
Just so you have an idea: right now I am using only 300mg Test E/week and my total test is at 3500+ ng/dL.

Would it be wise to increase the dose, if it is under dosed? My RBC is in the normal range, and I live at a high altitude so that was surprising.

It’s either that or go back to pharmacy TRT and do another cycle later with legit gear. I’ve gained a lot of strength and muscle though, but also a lot of fat. I think I’ve just done a normal bulk honestly, lol.

Yes if I were you I would triple the dose and then get the test exam done again!
Yes it was close to a regular bulk haha

Find a new supplier. On 500mg a week I would accept anything lower than 3000ng/dl