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Testosterone: Low to Normal, Back to Low...


About 6 months ago, I came off HRT for Testosterone. I had been receiving treatment for around 3 years, beginning with self-application of gel and then moving onto a highly concentrated Testosterone injection, which I received every couple of months. At the beginning of this process I was in the grip of full-blown anorexia, but by the end I had gained around 40lbs and had managed to get my issues much more under control; my Test levels had also increased from what was (as the endocrinologist described) "next to nothing", to around 17nmol/l (normal ranges being 9 to 37nmol/l.) It was suggested I come off treatment to see how my body responded, with the hope that things would remain 'normal'.

This week marked 6 months since coming off HRT, but my latest bloodwork showed my Test levels had again dropped to 5nmol/l. I had lost a bit of weight during this time (due to illness) but have gained most of it back, maintaining a good diet and ensuring I consumed sufficient amounts of fats (to try and maintain my Test levels.) I didn't even notice a real difference in how I felt or functioned throughout the day, despite indications that my levels had decreased. Is there are reason as to why there has been such a drastic drop? I've had MRI scans of my pituitary which gave indication of a benign cyst (but doctors told me it would have no effect of the functioning of the gland) and everything down below is working fine, so I'm at a loss as to what to do... I'm trying to continue putting on weight, but I know a low supply of Test is going to make this more and more difficult.

Appreciate any help or advice; I'm feeling pretty down that after so long to get to 'normal', things just started heading back to square one, and I have no explanation as to why.


You should post this in the T-replacement forum. Read the stickies posted at the top of the page in that forum before posting...there is a wealth of knowledge to be found there; both in the stickies and from the regular posters.


Sorry, hadn't realized there was a T-Replacement forum. Thanks for the heads-up.