I was wondering if higher levels of testosterone in a male increases their libido?
How do you tell if you have low testosterone?

If you have low testoterone your sex drive will deminish. Also you will feel tired all the time. Not be able to sleep well and you’ll not feel like eating. In a nut shell you’ll feel like crap. You’ll start to lose any mucsle mass you have. I would suggest if you have any of these symptoms you go to your doctor. Explain that your sexual desire is down and you are tired all the time. If he/she doest suggest a T-level test you suggest it or demand it. I’m not sure of your age but if your in your 20’s then your normal range would be around 450 30’s about 100 less. Don’t let them tell you that 200’s are normal unless your over 30 even then its low. Doctors seem to shy when it comes to Testoserone Therapy but the fact remains that over 4 million men in this country suffer from low T-levels. Just a hint. If its T you want and you think your low do some heavy cardio two weeks before you blood work and cut the sex out this means everything. This will lower your T-levels somewhat. Good luck

TC’s new Atomic Dog has some info on that. See current issue of T-mag.