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Testosterone Levels....


I recently read in a magazine that it is best to workout in the morning bc your testosterone levels are much higher than in the evening and about an hour after your workout in the morning your testosterone level doubles, whereas in the evening your testosterone levels are much lower and decrease after your evening workout. Does anyone know if this is true, if so I will be working out in the morning!? thanx



Perhaps - But if you workout too close to when you'd awakened, and I'm sure your rate of injury will double as well.

General wisdom is to wait at least an hour after waking, and to do a thorough warm-up before heavy lifting.

BTW, I think the best time of day to train is whenever you're most motivated. A better workout leads to better results, more than just the timing of hormones - which will peak some during your recovery either way.


What do u guys think about this workout?....

monday-chest, triceps
-bench press 3x6
-incline db press 3x6
-skull crushers 3x8
-tri-pull downs 3x8

tuesday-legs, biceps
-leg extensions 3x8
-leg curls 3x8
-barbell curls 3x6
-hammer curls or incline bench curls? 3x6


thursday-shoulders, abdominals
-military press 3x6
-upright row 3x8
-db shrugs-3x8
-abs-im gonna mix it up by using a 25lb weight to do exercises with

-seated row 3x8
-i dont know what its called but its where you use the barbell and u bend ur knee's and let the bar hang and pull it to ur chest..lol 3x6
-db fly's-3x8

*with my legs i am not able to do any core lifts due to my 2 knee surgeries so that is why there is no squat or lunges included
* i also plan to mix up the exercises every week
*my question to u guys is should i stick with just the 2 different exercises on most of my lifts are should i up it to three? thanx



Your T levels at the time you work out have little to do with anything.

While T levels are highest in the morning, most world records get broken about mid-afternoon.

I'm not saying that that's an argument to work out in the afternoon--I just included it as evidence that T levels during a workout or an athletic event have little to do with performance.

Truth be told, while T levels increase right after a workout, they soon drop below baseline and remain there for 24 to 36 hours (at least in strength athletes).


Are you kidding bro? You better edit that leg day ASAP!


LOL, I would edit the leg day, but that's about all I can do after my knee injuries(surgeries). I thought about keeping legs out of the workout completely, but I feel like I should try and do what I can.



I asked the original testosterone question bc I like working out in the moring(about an hour or so after i wake up) and i was just wondering if it mattered either way? good, bad, or doesnt matter? thanx



recent research has demonstrated its best to work out at 6pm (assuming a normal sleep schedule). search the site, there's plent of info on this topic.
an important thing to remember is that this is a fairly new subject of study, and there is not yet a definitive answer.
the previous poster is correct in saying that most world records are set in the late afternoon.
the most important thing to keep in mind in the mean time is that the best time to train is the time of day that you're going to be most consistent.


alright, i appreciate the info