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Testosterone Levels

I hope that I’m posting in the right forum. I recently had my levels checked and it was 305 my doctor told me 240-800 was normal. I stay tired alot now. My sex drive is not what it use to be. I have always lifted weights, and could put on muscle very easy, but not now. I eat less and I’m steady getting fatter. Anyway my doctor told me that 305 is normal according to statistics but it may be low for me since he has nothing to compare it to. He wants to do additional bloodwork to rule out other causes. He also said if everything checks out he could give me a series of injections spaced out and try Androgel. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else? I would like some advice if anyone else has experienced the same symptoms.

Bummer. Those sound like pretty classic symptoms. Androgel can bump your levels up, but it is fairly expensive. Plus, you may become completely reliant on it over time. Did you change up your training or diet significantly before this happened? Overtraining and overdieting can cause a big dip in T levels.

I’m 36 and eat right and exercise. I walk daily 1-2 miles and weight lift at least 3 times a week.

Hate to say it bud, but it’s your age. And it only goes down hill from there. however I do suggest checkin male hormone therapy, it’s becoming quite popular. or if you already have kids etc, do some fuckin deca or something…Ok, don’t take that too literally but it is an option if you know what you’re doing.

Doesn’t it suck when you do everything right and something still goes wrong? =/ I hear/see it happen way too often.

I got 2 kids and definitely not wanting more. If I start taking hormone therapy is it something I’ll be doing for here on out.

What is deca?