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Testosterone Levels

Hi guys

Does anyone know when would be the best time of the day to check the levels?And would going to the gym a hour before the withdraw of blood have any effect on the result!

Went for the test and came back normal but i seem to be having the same signs as someone that has low level “t”,and people at the gym reckon it HAS to be the testerone levels.

Do i go to another doc and get another test done

Any advice would be sweet


In the AM and NO dont go to the gym prior unless you are trying to get a FALSE low result.

Cy Wilson has Several Great articles on just this.

Hope that helps,

Ideal time is about 8 AM.

And yes, a workout prior to the test could affect things.

ask them what your exact numbers are.normal is a very wide grey area.i was having signs of it but i was in the normal area.they don’t take into account your age.

I told them this for years.they now have me on striant.

I just had mine taken last week and my levels are.06.is this even possible?

I was a 300 2 years ago.don’t let this happen to you.

I heard (on the radio) that 2pm was the best time to lift weights.

I assumed you’d be high testosterone around then. But of course, the morning wood says it’s quite high early as well…

But I’ve been hitting the gym between 12-3 every chance I get for a couple of years now after hearing that nugget of info. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Thanks guys for the responses,great to know there’s a forum thats on the ball.

Happy training,till later


[quote]jayster23 wrote:
great to know there’s a forum thats on the ball.


Pun intended?