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Testosterone levels

What is the average level of free testosterone in a normal healthy male?

I believe the “normal range” is 270-1070. But being below 500 would actually be low on the T-scale.

I had mine tested at 602 recently, and feel like it’s down from years past. I’ll be trying to get it up to the “high” normal range with good training, nutrition and Tribex-500.

Nate, you’re thinking of total testosterone, not free testosterone. Free testosterone however is the value that actually indicates the activity of testosterone.

The normal range for free testosterone is
what your lab says it is. I’m serious.
Different labs use different testing methods
(some of which are not really measuring
free testosterone but also some weakly
bound testosterone) and so “normal” is
different at their lab than at another
lab which uses a different method.

Using a method which truly measures
free testosterone, the average value
for a man is 70 pmol/L.

Your lab may not use that method and their
value might be as much as 10 times higher. So go by their value!

Thanks for the info Bill. I had no idea that each lab has different ranges. That’s just crazy! Okay, in that case, what does that mean for me if I have a t-level of 602?

Is that too low? Do I need to boost it? Any suggestions?

Nate, problem is, you’re not giving any units. Six hundred
and two whats? Ng/dL? pmol? pg/mL? Miles per hour?
Without units, there is no answer to the question.

Most commonly, 602 would be a ng/dL figure for TOTAL
testosterone. As I’ve said, total does not really tell you the
story because it is free testosterone, and only free
testosterone, that tells you the activity of T. You can have
low free T but normal total T if you have high SHBG, so total
T can be deceiving.

If it is a free T figure, then again your question cannot be
answered without reference to the normal range reported by
the lab that gave the test.

Bill, when I see the doctor next week, I’ll see if he can give me a better reading of my levels. That way I’ll know more than just the “602” that they gave me.

Thanks again!

What exactly does "actually indicates the activity of testosterone.

Sorry about the incomplete post. I pressed enter by accident.

You said that free testosterone reflected “activity of testosterone”. What exactly does that mean?

I’ve recently had bloodwork done and was told my testosterone level was 605ng/dl. I’d like to know where I ‘stand’ on the man scale :P~

PS: To Nate Dogg: Please dont be jealous of me because of the 3ng/dl difference :wink:

What I mean is, what testosterone does in the body is dependent on the concentration of free testosterone in the blood: not total in the blood, and not total in the body. For example it’s totally irrelevant how much testosterone you have dissolved in fat. A fat person might have much more total milligrams of testosterone in their body what with all the T dissolved in fat but this does them no good.

As for total in blood, what is relevant is the free amount. You can ignore the total. It tells you nothing further about the level of activity of testosterone in the body (what is actually active as opposed to what is simply “there.”)

If any would like to argue or discuss that, thinking that I am wrong and that protein bound testosterone is adding additional activity, please use the search engine first, thanks! (I’ve discussed it at length a number of times and cannot do so again quickly.)