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Testosterone Levels! WTF!


Wasn't sure of where to post this so I put it here. Had the routine blood work done 2 weeks ago and just for shits and giggles I had them test thyroid and hormone levels. Just for the record, I am 33 yrs old and do not show or plan on showing in the future. just want to get stronger, more muscular and leaner.

Having said that, I got the results back and everything is normal except for the Test levels. Mine were 246. She said that normal levels were 240 - 800. So I consider mine to be piss pore low, especially since I lift the way I do, diet pretty clean, and am pretty healthy overall. If I didn't do all this I suspect they would be even lower.

My question is this, if I supplement the hormone what can I expect to see from it? Has anyone had to supplement Testosterone and how did it affect their lives i.e attitude, energy, sex life, and of course, lifting.



First, what are you thinking of doing? shots? androgel? or even using something like Alpha Male?

Second, how do you feel now? Your attitude, sex life, energy, all of that. If you do feel great, then I wouldn't mess with that, add Alpha Male for a boost, its legal and cheaper per month.

The gel will cost you around 230-240 a month, the shots will be around 100 a month. If you can afford those, then go see a endocrinologist. Do it legally.



Post this in the "Over 35" forum. There's a lot of discussion and expertise regarding low Test levels and TRT/HRT.


Here's a quick tips list for raising test:


No idea. Just now looking into the possibilities. Found out the numbers yesterday.

Feel generally pretty good throughout the day. I tend to get tired around 8-9pm or so but that is close to my bedtime (10pm) anyway. Attitude is ok, energy has its ups and downs, sex life is weak along with libido. never really had a strong libido.



Diet is pretty good and getting better. Just started to seriously look at calories and macro nutrients on fitday. I sleep from 10pm until 5am. Next week my schedule changes so I will be sleeping from 10pm until 6am. I have tried ZMA before but have no idea if it did anything because I never had my levels tested at that time. I will have to look into this Alpha Male stuff.


Good idea. Is there a way to move the thread or do I have to re-post it?


You cannot supplement T, you must take a dose that replaces your current production then more to increase. This also means that you are in permanent HPTA shutdown. Your testes would then most likely begin to shrink and not hang right. hCG 250iu SC EOD will fix that.

But you do not know the cause of this problem. Testing LH & FSH will indicate whether the testes are at fault or are not getting enough LH to make them work. If the latter, at your age, you might do OK on hCG hypnotherapy.

Any blows to the head or whiplash in the time frame when this might have started?
Any changes to your visual field such as reduce peripheral vision?

Some drugs, Rx or OTC, can mess up your hormones. Excessive amounts of prolactin can do this too.


I would try the Alpha Male, maybe add the Rez-V if you like. See how it works for you, if you feel better, then make it a part of your supplement stable. I would do this first before seeing a specialist, most office visits only are and can be around 300 bucks, that is what mine cost.


I had the nuts cut in 2003 after our 3rd child. I suppose that this could cause it to drop. I have been doing some research on how to accomplish this naturally and I am going to try all those things first before I get into what appears to be a very complicated and expensive process.


It does not need to be expensive or complicated, but finding a doc who knows what to do [properly] can be very difficult sometimes.


If you are going to try the Doctor route, read this, it may help answer some questions.