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Testosterone Levels - Worth Waiting to See If It Recovers?


I’m 38yo, and had orchiectomy last January, still find everything a bit overwhelming! My testosterone levels plumetted and were really low at 4.5nmol/L in May. Testicle that was removed was my left one, which always was bigger and I believe stronger one. I just had another test done, and this time round, testosterone went up to 8.9nmol/L

I have also noticed changes in that the testicle grew and is much larger now. I’ve never had any tests done prior to the orchectomy, but was physically fit, never had any issues some men are reporting.

Given that I have seen this improvement in around 5 months, is it worth waiting a bit longer and see if this trend continues before commencing TRT? How much testosterone can a single testicle produce?

Thing is that I don’t want my sperm production affected by TRT, which from what I heard is a possibility.

Thank you kindly in advance.

My advice is freeze some sperm because the low estrogen and low testosterone will eventually cause disease. Low testosterone causes heart disease and cardiovascular disease to name only a few. Low estrogen is hell on joints and bone health, eventually it will lead to osteoporosis.

Your at the levels of 90 year old men. Free T is in the toilet.

You can add HCG and FSH to a TRT protocol that will increase sperm production, the FSH is far more effective and more expensive.

As far if it’s worth waiting, that’s up to you.

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Thank you for your message @systemlord, I am still learning about TRT and have a lot of gaps in the knowledge. Please forgive my ignorance, but I have read that 1 testicle should produce enough T to compensate for both, is this not usually the case? Thanks again.

Yes. It’s worth to wait. If you don’t you will always think well what if I waited.

2nd question not sure if anyone can answer this. I suspect it can keep up depending on age.

Monitor labs. Eat healthy, exercise maybe some supps like zinc and magnesium. Recheck labs and symptoms in a few months.

I also wonder in your case if supplementing with dhea may help esp since your estrogen appears low. Maybe others can comment on this. Dhea suppose to convert to testosterone and estrogen and others perhaps. You can read about that.


Thank you for your message @charlie12, I will read up about it. Yes, any tips will be appreciated

I’ve read that taking small amounts of Clomid or HCG can also increase natural production of Testosterone, has anyone tried this? Thanks

I’ll second charlie12’s post wait and see. How are you feeling? As you heal from the surgery and your T naturally increases do you feel better? Do you want children in your future? Stay away from TRT.

If thru blood test you find your natural T production has plateaued and it is subpar you might consider trying clomid for 3 -6 months. I would not try HCG that will shut your natural LH down. I would only do HCG if you are on a TRT protocol.

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Thanks @hrdlvn. I don’t feel too terrible. Still dealing with aches and pains post op, but I have morning erections daily, have relatively high libido and can finish no problem.

What’s up Bloke? I’m a fellow postvasectomypain dot org guy. Good to see you here.