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Testosterone Levels While On Cycle


Wondering if anybody has an idea of what testosterone levels should be mid cycle. Is it possible to have too much?



That would depend greatly on the amount and quality of gear.


Ideal levels. In other words, a target.


That would once again depend completely on the amount of gear, the quality of gear, what your goal is, and a entire list of other things. There is no target some one using 250mg a week vs some one using a gram will obviously be drastically different.


Yes, I get that. But what is an ideal level. In other words, if you were taking X amount of gear and your level was 2500, would you take more gear or less gear?

If it was 3000, would you take more gear or less gear?

What is the desired level for hypertrophy?


I just told you there is NO TARGET, IDEAL, OR GOAL NUMBER. You are grossly over thinking this shit.


OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!


:frowning: please don't tell me I need to pin another gram of test :frowning:


At 700mg of prop a week my levels were in the 2000+ range.


Noob I suggest at least trying a different source. I can post bloods if need to to prove it but at 1000mg of test only I was 5100+


That's way too low for that dose. At 140mg/week (pharm) and hcg 250iu eod, I was clocking in at 1400.


how much should I gain from 6 weeks of dbol only?


Lol! Uhh, high as fuckin possible?

For example, 1g usually has me arounk 6k ngdl if its decent stuff, last time i was on a g i believe my free test was in the 2 thousands


The gains in ngdl is not linear however, for example, say 500mg puts you at 2500, that doesnt mean a gram will put you at 5k, thata not how it works.


It was generic chinese shit. The test only read up to 2,000 though that's why i posted 2000+. So I'm not sure if I was at 2000 or 3000 or what, but I know the source wasn't all that great.

Now I have a much better source for when I'm on 750mg of test-e. Will make sure to get blood a few weeks in to see what levels are at.


Sounds good man wasn't trying to be a dick just didn't want to see you pissing your money away.


Oh don't worry man didn't even see it that way. Thanks for looking out!


Appreciate the information. I blew up a blood test last week and was worried about it and probably should have posted it that way to begin with but I didn't want to look like an ass...guess I did anyway thanks to Reed. But, I do get the point.

Thanks again.