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Testosterone Levels on Micro-Dosing of Sustanon

I started using 28g needles and those work better than 29g. 1/2” into the VG has its merits. Mind and body feel good. My friend is a Nurse Practitioner and I mentioned how much better I feel with the longer needle, which prompted to explain the different absorption rates of the dermis, lower layers of fat, and muscle. Muscle has a better absorption rate, hence the results.

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I noticed this too, and played around with 1in and 1/2in needles (27g) in the shoulders. Seemed to respond better with the 1in, deeper injection. Now I’m trying 1/2in in the thighs

Hey lads , it’s been over a weekend now since I started my new journey . Sustanon e3d at 50mg per jab . So I feel great of course and my libido through the roof . Yea I’m on my honeymoon abs it won’t last I’m sure but I might as well enough it . The only thing that is bothering IM’s is somebody said to me on another forum that when u crash on my honeymoon it will be horrible - like pre t days low mood ,anxiety and no libido . Maybe he was being a sick and scaring me . My question is his long cab a honeymoon last and is the crash as bad as they say ? What’s the point in taking trt if a crash after feeling great

Maybe their experience was different, but this is nonsense. You might not feel as “euphoric” since you’ve acclimated to the DA increase, but it’s not a crash. And it’s not horrible. And if it is, your protocol needs attention. IMO

Thanks mate . Makes sense . I’d be happy if I was 60% of what I feel now when bloods settle . I’m not looking to feel like superman just want pre symptoms to stay gone :+1:

While outside the USA, I did Sus 3 times a week and that worked.

Using the large preloaded Sus 250 syringe, I would back fill and use six insulin syringes over 2 weeks, rather than one shot of 250 mg once a week.