Testosterone Levels on Micro-Dosing of Sustanon

I have been on Sustanon for the past 3 months because of low T. I am doing 65mg every 3 days roughly around 0.25ml every 3 days. Now, I feel like fewer peaks and drops but then I consulted an endocrinologist, and the doctor recommended 250mg every 2 weeks and told me not to microdose. I tried that before and felt terrible and my Test levels were still low. I did a detailed profiling a day after my most recent injection and would like some advice. On a side note, I feel like my libido is there but my erections are a bit weak. Not a full blood supply to the penis at certain times. And other times, I have firm erections. But I also noticed that my muscle growth is off the roof. I am gaining lean muscle and look more vascular.
I would prefer Test Cyp or Test Enanthate any day but it’s not available where I am based and I will have to wait until I get back to the US.
Some of my concerns are -

  1. Am I overdosing in any way?
  2. There are days when I feel very moody and then there are days when I feel aggressive but under control. Nothing like roid rage.
    Is there anything to worry about? And I am only using Sustanon. No other PED’s
    and this is my first time. No estrogen blocker or anything. However, I use the EVL test supplement 2 tablets a day(because of ZMA and DIM).

This doctor is what we call, in layman’s terms, a fucking moron. What you’re doing is precisely how you have to use sustanon. Frankly sustanon is such a terrible concoction that you’d ideally dose it eod, but e3d is working for you and there is no reason to change it.


Your doctor is a by the book idiot with no concept of experimentation to find out what works best for the patient.

Too bad your doctor is living in the stone age, good for you for searching for the protocol that makes you feel your best.


Hey sura , I’ve just recently started a similar protocol with a half decent private doc in Ireland . I’m taking 50mg of sus every 3 days for therapeutic reasons - libido, mood and erections. Ok at the moment I feel great . However , I’m not stupid and realise this could be the honeymoon period . Question - are u still on the same protocol? How u feeling after all these months - libido , energy and mood ? Did u have a honeymoo Period like me and how long did it last ? Cheers elton

@elt1606 - Hey bud. Welcome to the sustanon world. To be honest, I have tried all sorts of protocol with Sustanon. Every 12 days, every 3 days(reduced dosage). But the best protocol so far that has worked for me is every day(same time, same dosage). I use a 2ml syringe and I don’t use the insulin needle. I use the medium sized needle which is for deep intramuscular. I don’t remember the needle gauge but the insulin syringes don’t work for me. Very slow absorption.
I normally do 0.1ml every day which is roughly 28-30mg as there will be some stuff in the syringe and that has worked wonders.
Additionally, I have never used Arimidex. I am ok with high estrogen which I had when I was doing every 3 days and every 12 days but now I have an amazing estrogen level. I also use HCG 500 IUS every 3 days to keep my balls going.
Sex drive- off the chart
Libido - Beast mode
Productivity - Never better
Overall - Awesome
I must tell you sustanon is great because it has a mix of different esters. Test with the dosage and do what’s best for you.

Ah cheers buddy for responding but many do . Yeah I was on nebido last year but it was a disaster . Absolute muck ! I’m hoping this new private doc can help abs he seems open to titration . I’m going give it the 2 months on this protocol as the dosage is small at 50mg every 3 days. How was your libido and mood on E3D? I know you said you had high estrogen but I’m hoping to control it by diet . I will change if I have to . Sub q seems to be working abs the doc showed me how to do it . You literally have to inject the 50mg via insulin super slow . Like 1 min. Then rub it the outside area . Quiet clever actually the super slow method . Anyway let me know how u felt on E3D - mood : libido . I’m curious mate

@elt1606 - It was a roller coaster on e3d. Sometimes I had great libido and drive and other times, it went south. I would never have that consistent drive or libido as I do now.
Subq didn’t work for me. Especially with Test, I always prefer intramuscular.
I tried DIM to manage estrogen but later discontinued it.
The thing is I found greater sex drive and libido when my estrogen was slightly elevated. So, I kept my protocol simple
Testosterone(0.1ml) - every day
HCG(500 iu)- every 3 days

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Fyi- Please keep a close watch on your DHT,SHBG and Free T. When I did e3d, I had crazy high DHT levels and partly it’s because of the combination of different esters in sustanon. I had some hair loss. But now, its all good. My DHT levels are in check and SHBG is great. Free T is good too. Haven’t done blood work off late but will do in a month.

Thanks will do . High dht is good for libido not so good for hair line . I have my head shaved so if I lose some not to bad I can deal with it . It’s funny cause I took my shot today at the same time as 3 days ago . Felt very low earlier with low mood etc . Now I feel great . It’s like my test level dumped for half the day but when I did my shot at 12pm today they went beck up again at 6pm . So a mini rollercoaster . I’m basically getting 2 and half days goodness instead of the 3 . Beats been miserable 7 days a week though .

Daily dosing is the future.

I agree mate but I have to stick with the 3 day protocol for the 10 weeks . No point is disjointing my first protocol by the doc. He is open about titration at later stages . The only thing hcg is no longer available officially where I come from . Again , he’s open to if I can get it an it’s official hcg . If my libido sinks in a few months it’s something I can introduce , but at a later stage . Baby steps I suppose . My libido is great at the mo but again probably honeymoon . I do have some official hcg that I never used on my previous treatment . If needed I can add that but again at a later stage . Does anyone know if hcg is ok to use outside of best before date - 18 months 2019

Of course, we all go with doctors orders for the most part. On my first day I was given Test C, HCG, and Anastozole. 2x a week protocol. Now I only take test daily and cycle HCG. Much better place for me. The real future is in testicular implants with a lifetime supply of time released Testosterone. Not sure what country youre in, but theres a workaround.

Haha :laughing: testicular implants ! Maybe Elon musk has some robotic ball implants in the works . I’m over In Dublin Ireland and only one open minded fairly decent private doc in the whole country . The rest haven’t got a clue what’s going on . One of them 2 years ago put me on nebido and injected 1000ml of a thick caster oil in my arse every 9 / 10 weeks . The first 4 days I felt like the hulk with a raging horn, after fur the next 9 weeks I was a moody emotional anxious individual. I’ve learn a lot since . This new doc is prepared to work with me . At the moment only sustanon but it give u a nice kick abs he even predilection the needles for me - microdosing e3d . Hey middle ages how’s your libido and mood when only on test ?

You’re currently on the same protocol as me.

Sustanon e3d.

I did go to eod for a bit but I ended up with high hematocrit so I’ve purposely gone back to a protocal with more of a trough.

I’m 9 months in now and feel like I’ve lost a lot of libido recently.

I’m convinced there are other hormones involved in libido that test alone doesn’t cover.

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Hey Roadie , yeah libido can be lost down the road on trt but sometimes it’s just dopamine . Try p5p or dlpa it helps with dopamine and lowers prolactin (apparently ) are u still feeling better on trt compared to pre trt days ? Is your libido still better compared to pre trt ?

Haven’t tried p5p although my prolactin had been mid range on every blood test.

I’d say it varies but overall yes libido is somewhat better than pre trt.

Its had a huge impact on my mood and well being. Cured my brain fog and constant fatigue. I was struggling with exercise recovery and to be honest I’m clearly on drugs in that dept now.

Biggest difference as well is it completely cured my terrible chronic migraines. Thats worth staying on for that alone!

Overall I’m very happy with how its helping and e3d is working well for me. Any more regular jabs than that and it’s gonna start being a bind on terms of prepping meds and jabbing

Sounds like you’ve nailed it . Funnily enough your old pre t symptoms are the exact same reasons why I started back . General well being was fecked and chronic fatigue was a nightmare . I would recommend dlpa but just cycle . It’s give a natural burst of dopamine so that may help in the libido department . It did for me on my old treatment . Oh the other one for libido is authentic tong kat Ali . It defo works even on trt but again sparingly . Are u on hcg?

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No HCG. I’ll look into that dlpa and tongkat ali.


Ive always been a horndog, but while on Test, I have had more sexual dreams than Ive ever had in my adult life. I usually wake up with a boner thinking of coworkers I cant bang and my need to breed with milfs. I flirt a lot so Im always stimulated. I switched to Subq last week and I noticed a decrease, which may also be due to getting injured, so my mind is distracted with healing a pulled tendon. Switched back to shallow IM today, and I was extremely pleased to see the longer needle in my muscle, funny how the IM placebo works for me.

Ha ha. Great to hear somebodies trt is actually working the way it’s suppose to . Some of the other forums would depress you. Mind yuh they seem to be changing protocols abs adding Ai’s left right abs centre . I did actually here it good to cycle hcg and will try later . At the moment my balks aren’t aching and no shrinkage - I’m sure it will find though ! I’m doing Subq at the moment ans bizarrely it working . My doc came designed a method whereby you inject microdosing into the belly fat but do it very slowly - like 2 mins for 50mg. Seems to work a threat