Testosterone Levels on 500mg/Week

Hello everyone. About 8 weeks ago i started a 500mg/week testosterone enanthate cycle pinning Friday at 6am and Tuesday at 6am. Right before my week 7 pin i had my total testosterone levels checked and they came back at 1,892ng/dl. I took the blood sample roughly 1 hour before my next pin. So almost 96 hours since last pin. Does this sound like a reasonable result? I have been making great gains and can definitely feel it but is this a reasonable result? Any input is appreciated.

Certainly could be a bit low on response, but you are still a little early on in your cycle. Do you know what your SHBG is? You might just clear test fast or possibly underdosed test.

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I only tested total testosterone unfortunately. I think my next step will be to order a full panel and maybe check my levels within 48 hours of pinning.


Yes. Rule of thumb 4-5x mg’s per week.


Could be on the low side. I’d argue “so what” tho, if you’re building muscle and getting what you want out of your cycle, TT doestn’ really matter


Can you expand on this. Are you saying that if you’re taking 100mg per week your TT should be 400-500 at trough?

Good point. I have made great gains so far and i thought about that too. Im up 20 pounds and all my lifts are up a lot. I look a lot better. I just figured with higher levels i could get more out of my cycle. But it doesnt matter as long as im making progress.


my T at 200 is 500ng/dl total, 22 free
I can imagine being at a similar level on 500 as you
has to do low shbg


do you use a Dr or a clinic?

No i used a mail in diagnostic lab. I took 5 blood samples on a sample card and mailed it to the lab. My local hospitals wont do lab draws without a doctors order. So i would have to drive an hour and a half one way to a clinic that will do it without a doctors order.

I didn’t tag who the question was for. My apologies.

clinic, they have been upping me slowly. i started at 120, initially my free T was at 30 or so at 120, but then kept dropping. not sure why. shbg was always 11. only thing changed I started gym workouts once o TRT

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Have your tentacle’s started to shrink and become painful yet?

They may have lost a little bit of size. Not 100% sure. But i definitely havent had any pain.

That’s a good total test especially after 96 hours …. Check it after 48 hours and you’ll be closer to 2750 prob