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Testosterone levels at 51


Just had a blood work done and Doc said total T was 461, free T was 111(of a range of 40-250), and % of free T was 24%(range:9-46%). Don't really trust what most docs say about T. Do you guys think these levels are ok for 51 yr.old man or is it something I should address?


In my completely uneducated guesstimate, I would say, looks pretty damn good for 51.


Numbers don't tell the whole story. Are you happy with the way you are functioning, your libido, your rate of recovery etc...?


Looks ok.


Please edit your original post to include units.

Your range for FT is impossible. If your FT was really bio-T, please edit corrections.

You need to review any Rx or OTC drugs that may be increasing E, lowering TT, increasing SHBG and lowering FT. Some drugs simply mess with libido directly.

How you feel is largely controlled by your E2 levels and that is in turn partly controlled by body weight or waist size. You need a serum E2 test to complete this picture. If you are in the USA you can get E2 labs via LEF.org

E2 can be reduce with weight loss to some extent. Using Arimidex/anastrozole can optimize your response to your T levels as well as increasing TT and increasing FT fraction by lowering SHBG. This may improve QOL but will not create major increases in T. Given that guys on TRT with TT=1000 can feel like crap and have libido problems when E2 is elevated, this E2 modulation approach might be viable option to explore.

Lower levels of E2 can make weight loss possible and can be better for your prostate from a cancer and BPH point of view.

Hair loss drugs that reduce hair loss can be a big problem. Some men have to choose between feeling like a man or keeping their hair. DHT is essential for libido.

Your doctor is probably not interested in testing serum E2.

If you have other health issues, you might want to PM me.


Do not test total estrogens!


depends on SHBG and other factors such as thyroid, adrenals, gh, dhea affecting its bioavailablity.