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Testosterone Levels and Muscle Building?

I’ve experimented a lot with different lower testosterone dosages (100-200mg p/week) to exactly pinpoint where my sweet spot is (best muscle building benefit while having no mood swings/bloat/erectile dysfunction). There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on this online, but are there any advantages to being high-normal testosterone vs mid-normal? Are there advantages to being 500ng/dl vs 1000ng/dl, or even 1300-1500ng/dl vs 1000 ng/dl? Will I see any more advantages in bringing my dose up in small amounts vs just staying within the average TRT range (800ng/dl)
I’d like to add that I see huge changes in bringing my dose up by 10-15mg personally, if anyone has any knowledge on this topic please share.

My TRT doc allowed me to experiment a lot over the last 4 years. I found running a high T lvl all the time just gave me a ton of bad side effect and I built no more muscle.
The only way I have been able to build more muscle is to blast at 4 times my normal TRT dose of 100mg/wk twice a year for 12 weeks.
When my TT was at 700 vs 1500 I did not feel any stronger at the gym. What 1500 did give me was zits/acne on face, back and shoulders. The deep red ugly kind. My E2 was thru the roof and that made me hold a ton of water weigh. I had to take an AI with every shot to keep my E2 in the 40’s. Which caused my dick to quit working.
Bottomline your Free T needs to be 75mg/dL or higher to feel a difference and even then you have to be at that lvl for 4 weeks before you start to feel stronger.

Also I might ad if you run a super high TRT lvl year round your bodies T receptors will go kind of numb and not respond. Then you can’t even blast. There’s a reason it is called a cycle.


Thanks for your input :slight_smile: In my experience when I go down to 100 mg from 175, I seem to lose a lot of fullness and seem to look a little flat compared to being at higher levels (1200-1300ng/dl vs 800 ng/dl). I’m not sure if it’s actually helping me gain muscle or not and it may just be a cosmetic effect. Also, I don’t know what you mean with “receptors will go numb”; is there such a thing as desensitizing to testosterone? (I thought that was only the case with hard androgens like trenbolone).
The other thing I’ve noticed being high-normal is I have more stamina at the gym but i seem to be more tired during the day, when on my regular TRT dose I have more overall energy but do less reps and overall work in the gym.

Yes, I believe we are talking about the same thing.
Most cycles are 12 weeks no more than 16 weeks because you just stop gaining after that time.
For me this even happens at low cycle doses with TT 1200-1500ng/dL My blasts are way more productive when I’m on 80mg/wk for 4-5 months then blast at 400. I also can hold those gains for months before my next blast starts. This also allows me to keep my E2 low (24-27) without an AI. With an SHGB of 24-29 if my E2 gets into the high 30’s my dick quits working and I lose my abs from water weight.

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