Testosterone levels and body hair

Do testosterone levels correspond at all to the amount of body hair a person grows? What about facial hair? any other physical characteristics point to high test levels?


If they do, then my testosterone levels are on the ultra-high side since I have tons of body hair, plenty of facial hair and a very deep voice. Yet, I’m only 5’4" and 150lbs of total terror! Man, I got a bum deal!

I don’t have an answer, but is that you DC?

Hey, I am 5’4" , hairy and 195#. Whats wrong with that.

Not me. I’m bald as hell with (I think) high T levels.

I was recently asked the reverse of this question. Somehow in a converstion I told a friend that the reason many Asians have little body hair is because of a diet high in estrogens. he wanted to know if he switched his diet to mimic an asian one (very little protein besides the occasional fish), if he would become less hairy. I thought that he might be too old (28) to change anything. BTW, don’t bother telling me to try and convince him to become a T-man, I’ve already tried. I just wondered if a change in your endrocrine system could affect you very much later in life.

High DHT levels correlate with lots of body hair and that’s why you see so many balding men with really hairy backs.

High test levels early on can lead to growth plate closing and so limiting height.

Yes testosterone levels do play a factor in beard thickness.

DHT is converted from testosterone by 5-alpha reductase… but it’s the DHT levels at puberty that signal the amount of body hair you have. I hope this helps.

That’s a good question and one I have often wondered myself. Throughout most of my life I have been a very “hairless” individual. I never shaved until I was 23…never had any hair under my arms until I was 25 or so, yet everything else about me (aggression, sex drive, acne, strength levels etc.) seemed to indicate high T levels. Now I am 29 and the complete opposite seems to have occured. I now often shave twice a day, have started to recede in the hairline, yet everything else would seem to indicate lower T levels. I know DHT is the culprit but knowing that DHT is derived from T I dont understand how the aromatase enzyme or whatever could change that much that would give a person like me such higher DHT levels in a span of just a few years.

Call me a nut, but maybe you weren’t born with the follicles necessary to grow a large amount of body hair. :slight_smile:

Yeah but isn’t like 35 lbs of that adamantium? Sorry couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

Since taking Tribex I have hair-lots of it growing from my ears. No kidding, I have to shave it off. Don’t remember being bitten by a wolf.