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Testosterone Levels and Age?


I've always thought that it is supposed to be easier for guys in there teens to build muscle because of higher testosterone levels, but I'm just reading a little about testosterone, and it seems that the levels usually dosen't start to decline before around 40 years of age.

Is this correct? And those that mean that a 20 year old should have no advantage over a 35 year old when it comes to getting stronger? (not considering things like family, work etc..)


Also, I just got the results from a blood test I took last week, and my testosterone levels where at 460 ng/dl.
I'm 19 years old, and form what i understand this is pretty low? But not low enough so that hormonal therapy will be benificial for my health (but rather the opposite), or what do you think?

It should be mentioned that I also look quite a few years younger then I am, so my testosterone levels might still increase som over the next couple of years?

Hope you have the time to give me your thoughts.


I'm 50 and my T level is 460 also. I simply asked my physician if we can raise it and he prescribed me androgel. Started a couple of days ago, its messy but will retest in about a month.

According to Tibs and a few others it needs to be considerably higher for bodybuilding purposes. Not too sure how I want to do that. TRIBEX does not work for me. I definitely want to keep everything above board.


I have had my t-level checked several times over the years and have noticed that it will test higher and lower at times. I "THINK" there are possible explanations, my lowest was right before an inguinal hernia repair and I was not training well or eating very much, definitly stressed physically and mentally. When it was 780 at the age of 48, I was eating, sleeping , and working out without any pain. I haven't even tried to get any test therapy yet because my family practice MD laughs when I mention my test levels. He states that I would'nt be able to carry what little muscle mass that I have if my test level needed any help.


Thanks for the answers, I don't think my doctor would help me, he said that the levels where fine.. And I don't wan't to risk any nasty side effects anyway, unless the positive effect would outwheigh them, which i doubt.

I guess I wil wait about a year and test again, if it's still low, I will ask if we can do anything to get them higher..



I am 32 years old and because of mistakes I have made using gear, I now have to do lifelong HRT. I am not thrilled about this but at age 19 there are so many alternatives that can help produce more test naturally. Anabolic eating is where I would start as well as squats and deadlifts. Why not take advantage of those great compound movements that are proven to raise level.

For me, the quality of life is what i am after I have had many test that result in levels at or below 200. Depression, fatigue loss in libido are all things that i have experienced. I had low levels in my early 20's and insisted on HRT, only compounding the situation because my doctor(who is in jail now, haha, not because of me) didn't administer properly. While I am getting honest, I am sure i did things to enhance what little supplementation he had to offfer.

I just wish I took the time to really get educated before using certain compounds. Androgels definitely worked for me but only help a 200 range turn into just below 600. I was grateful for the help but still wasn't optimum range for me. I would love to be in the low 700, but I think its gonna be a miracle to happen naturally.


I'm already doing most of the things that is said to increase testosterone naturaly. What I could improve, is being more sexually active (with a mate), I think that can have a big effect. I could also stress less, but my family situation isn't exactly optimal in that sense..


Damn that post really hit the spot. Thanks for sharing dude


I got my results after testing a while ago. I don't understand my test. I was expecting it to be measured in ng/l of blood, but apparently that's not how it's done in my country. Instead, it said I scored 15.2. At first I thought, wow, I must be off the charts, but when I asked the doc he said it was average (or maybe he said normal) for a guy my age (39).

Apparently they use a scale from 0 to 30, which would place me at mid-range. I sure would like to know what it means in ng/l, because the doc wasn't sure, so if anyone has ever heard of this type of measuring please explain.

Here's exactly what it says: S-TESTO 15.2

No explanations or anything.


This link may help you.


I just had my T levels checked because I had all the symptoms of low test, irritable, trouble sleeping, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of libido though I do have decent mass, unfortunately it was 247 ng/dl, Im 34 and believe the normal range should be around 600 ng/dl, I am also on anti-depresants (effexor and zoloft) however my psychatrist says these shouldnt effect T levels. My doc wants to test me one more time for insurance purpose and will prescribe me Androgel if need be. I will say if taking TRT will bring back some of the zest I had for life and help me get rid of the issues I have been experiencing (for quite a while now) I am all for it.


I've been surfing around for an answer, but all I can come up with is that the number probably is in nmol/L. The normal reference scale is between 6 and 27, which seems about righ compared to what the doc said. I have no idea how to convert that to ng/dl, especially since it apparently matters what sort of compound is being converted.

There were pages on the with explanations on how to do it, but to be honest I didn't understand the math. I haven't touched a calculator in years. Is there anyone here who can convert 15,2 nmol to ng/dl.

Edit: Forget it. Didn't see your link at first. Thanks a lot!


I notice that the ranges they express in the link for healthy non-diabetic males is a very widely distributed curve. Lets consider the age category 25-29 on this chart, 669 is the mean total testosterone. But, the standard deviation is 206 which means that approximately 68% should fall into the range of between 463-875 with a third of the sample lying outside this range, with only about 16% falling below this range.

The unfortunate thing for most fitness minded individuals is that with our testosterone boosting lifestyles and diets we may not fall under what is medically considered low testosterone because we have actually pushed our levels up into the normal distribution curve. Make sure you are aware of this and if your doctor seems to think you being at the low end of the spectrum is "just fine", you should seek attention elsewhere.


Age: 21, TT 299ng/dL (Range: 280-800)

"In range" so I'm "ok"

Guess everyone is just different...


Totally agree with your statement, I am definitely on the low end. Fortunately for me my internist is very open to the idea of TRT, Im going to see if it is right for me. I just got my T checked for a second time, this time in the am, and it measured 340, in my eyes thats to low for my age.

The ranges that are fall under average is quite ridiculous, when one person my age can have a t count of 800 ng/dl and be considered within the normal range and myself being in the 300 and also be considered normal...quite frankly ridiculous


I just had mine checked about a month ago. I'm 25 and my total t was 302 which according to charts is half of what it should be. Of course since I'm in the 300-750 range, my doc says I'm fine. I'm waiting till my board exam is over to convince him otherwise.