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Testosterone levels...aas cycles

A while ago I had my test. levels tested. They were 351 (ref range 241-827) and free and wb was 110.5 (ref range 66.2-276.2). I’m not sure if they took into account the time of day. It was 3:55.

Anyway I’m 6’0", 230, 18% bf, bench 330 or so…look pretty athletic and muscular. So you wouldn’t think i’d have low test but i do. The endo said “testosterone’s funny…maybe your body just doesn’t need that much”.

Does this imply (my low test levels and generally good build) that an aas cycle would be very effective? ie i don’t need much test so adding some via aas would work really well?? Or am I wrong?

Your levels on that test were not low. They were a little less than average, which could just be due to the time of day or one day being different from another, but the free level was almost twice as much as it needed to be to still be normal. (Normal being usually defined as, approximately, 97.5% of men in normal health have at least that much, but 2.5% of men in normal health have less.)