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Testosterone Levels 12.7 nmol/l

Hi I just got my Lab Results back. I’m a 25 year old guy 150 lbs moderately physically active about 20-25% body fat. I eat a fairly healthy mostly meats and complex carbs and lots of milk. I’m hoping someone can tell me if these levels are optimal and if I could benefit from some testerone replacement therapy. I have testosterone prop and anavar what would be a fairly safe starting dosage? I also and tamoxifen
I scored

progesterone 0.3 nmol/ L
prolactin 9 0-17 UG/L
testosterone 12.7 nmol/L
TSH 3.22 mIU/L
FRee T3 4.9 pmol/L

No. You need to look at your diet. Cut out milk as your pretty fat, switch to more of a meat and veggies, and start lifting weights.

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I’ve been lifting for only about a month now. I really like seeing small results but it feels like it’s going to be forever before I actually look bettr. I was reading that total testosterone doesn’t matter it’s more free testosterone. Maybe I will

Sorry I accidentally hit the reply button on my phone. Since I’ve only been working out a month I will probably not look at testosterone replacement even if my free t is low. As for milk is it that milk is inherently bad for muscle building I started drinking more Milk when I started lifting because I heard it helped with a few things like how it stimulates muscle protein synthesis. This is the article I was going off of it also says it helps with body composition. One important thing to note is it was funded by the dairy industry https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5122229/

12.7 is not high for someone of your age, though it is still in the normal range.
Don’t rely on just one test for testosterone, it varies a lot due to time of day. Early in the day is supposed to be better than later on to take the blood test.
You can definitely increase your testosterone, via your own balls, by doing a cycle of clomid or tamoxifen. You don’t need much 12.5-25mg/day of clomid. or 10mg of tamox. 6-8 weeks. see if this helps your performance
If you start taking steroids now, after a few cycles your ability to create your own testosterone between cycles, will decrease. Because your test levels are already at the lower end of normal, after steroids use you may have to go on TRT, or blast and cruise. Its a serious issue if you want to have children.

No milk is bad for you, your fat, there’s a lot of calories in there that could be lost without the loss of recovery. Just needless calories and stomach space. Rather see lean meat and veggies in it’s place.