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Testosterone Level for Female Lifter


Just had my hormones tested because I am Hypothyroid and on medication to treat... but still having symptoms. Doctor ran hormone panel so we can discuss testosterone pellet. My numbers came back low. I am very athletic, lift 6 times a week and do crossfit. So my question is for a female lifter what is a good range to be in that is benefical? Thank you for your time!


There is a problem with developing facial hair and deepening of the voice, both not reversible. Some females are more at risk than others. Pellets are a bad idea because you can’t back out without another minor surgery.

T creams are a better option, or you could inject small amounts with insulin syringes. In any case, best to start with a smaller dose and feel your way to a level that has some benefits but not too much. Perhaps later that could be used to judge what pellet dosing. Note that serum T levels from T pellets are not steady, stronger at first then dropping. T in your body will also aromatize to produce some E2.

If may be hard to judge what is right for you if you are still cycling. Some women will vary amounts of hormone creams that they use over their cycle or how they happen to feel. More T can make you more determined, analytical and assertive, more estrogens can make you more emotional.

Too much T can shut down your HPOA and your cycle/ovaries too.

T can change your brain too, different circuits change activity levels. Expect some interesting effects on libido.

There are a few stickies in this forum, mostly male centric. But the thyroid basics sticky may be of interest. Note that you can judge your thyroid med dose by body temperatures.

Progesterone is very important to avoid cancers that result from estrogen dominance. Do not use pharma progestins. You can get 2% progesterone cream without an Rx. Suggest “KAL” brand at amazondotcom. Progesterone helps support cortisol production. Can be applied at night to help sleep, but a few women find the opposite effect as they get a strong cortisol effect that wakes them up.

In males, T balances their [lower] levels of estrogens. In females, progesterone does that. Unopposed estrogens promote female cancers, endothelial dysfunction, prostate problems in males. T is also important for bone health in males and females.