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Testosterone Level and Anger?


Most people assume testosterone induces anger or causes a “bad boy” attitude, however, this is not true in my case. I have recently checked my testosterone and it came back at 1122ng/dl (300-1197ng/dl). My free testosterone was 154 ng/dl (40-240ng/dl). So, my testosterone is around twice average, yet I am a very calm, easy going person. I rarely get angry unless another man physically inflicts pain on a woman. I agree the converse is true, in that low testosterone is the cause of most rage outbreaks, or high estradiol.


I’ve noticed alot of men going through andropause , start gettin very bitchy, you can see it , losing muscle mass, sex drive, starting to feel like bitch, you are lucky levels good . It is proven are grandpa probably had higher test levers at 50 then men now have at 30 since I’ve been on trt i feel much better, next i need to start hgh therapy, i will work overtime if i can afford it snd get a script.


Your T is good but not high. Your free T is average. 15 ng/dl in a most appropriate range of 9-30. So not even mid range. However your calculated free T could be higher or lower, that’s what my cited range is for. The ranges used vary in different labs and are not of clinical significance. Free T is the active hormone and TT is second to free T in terms of testosterone analysis.


High E2 relative to T probably has more to do with a bad temper.


Just like libido, there’s so much more to human behavior than one identifiable variable. I read a study that indicated that high T and low seratonin yielded aggressive behavior. The theory was that men with high T are more likely to attempt to assert themselves to better their position in situatios when not in a dominant position. I still think that’s still an over simplification from a physiological perspective.


Testosterone and aggression gets a bad rap from steroidal like levels. TRT does not put you there. People that inject 400mg/week and up can reach 2000-3000ng/dl blood levels. At these levels you see enhanced aggression. With TRT, many men actually get calmer… why? A lot of the quick temper is because many men with low T have suboptimal E levels as well. High E and low T cause moodiness… So in summary, TRT shouldn’t cause aggression in and of itself and may in fact help since your hormones would be monitored and balanced.


Both great points. Test is associated with more myths than facts. I’ve always been an aggressive, short-tempered person. Although I feel so much better in almost every way, that aspect of my personality hasn’t changed. I still wanna kill almost everyone I encounter while I’m driving! Lol


Low T makes you more aggressive due to being irritable. Aggressive is misused when Testosterone is concerned, it’s not always negative, I would call it being more assertive maybe.


For sure, I think being aggressive is much more positive than negative.

On another note, I’m going to run some labs today. I know I said I wouldn’t do labs while I was feeling good, but I’m super curious where my E2 is now.


Well these levels are naturally achieved, so that puts me in the top 2.5% of men. I do, however, believe some require higher testosterone to function optimally whereas others may function perfectly at low levels. Although my total testosterone and DHT are high, my estradiol was also slightly high at 38 pg/ml (10-51pg/ml). So, my T/E ratio isn’t ideal at 40:1 but it’s still decent. My testosterone used to be at 221ng/dl when I was 17 years old and under a lot of anxiety/stress. Afterwards, I researched ways to increase testosterone naturally by understanding the endocrine system. For those of you thinking of jumping of TRT for life, I would recommend attempting to pinpoint the underlying problem before resorting to exogenous testosterone. If I can increase my levels from 221-1122ng/dl in a span of 8 years, others can as well. I will be more than willing to share my methods of increase testosterone naturally for those who are interested. I’m not against TRT, however, some may not have an underlying medical condition contributing to their low levels. It may just be due to a poor lifestyle, diet, or over-training (think marathons, exc).


This was discussed here many years ago. When someone is a total asshole, when you put them on gear, they become a more confident asshole. There are the high profile steroid stories that CNN likes to pick up, but in most cases it may be the cocaine that was the problem with some rich jerk who has lost all social constraints.

Roid rage is really not more than mythology.


hurly I’m very interested in your natural protocol since I’m older and have less than optimal T levels. Maybe you can PM me instead of hijacking the thread. Unless others are interested.


First, you may need to correct your diet as far as ratios are concerned. Protein intake is not very important relative to carbs and fats for optimizing your natural T level. The reason for this is that excess protein (what the body doesn’t utilize) converts to a toxic by-product ammonia, which directly goes to the liver to be metabolized. The liver then has to work very hard to convert ammonia to uric acid for its removal from the body via the kidneys. Thus, excess protein can cause the liver to work harder than it should, which will inhibit detoxification and hormone balance, a key role of the liver. I’d recommend a ratio of 40/40/20 carbs/fats/protein. Carbs stimulate GNRH hormone via insulin release, which helps up-regulate testosterone. Also, higher carbohydrate intake increases glycogen storage in the liver, which keeps glucose levels up during streneous exercise. If carb intake is low, your glycogen will be depleted. Now, during resistance training, torn muscle fibers will become oxidized protein. To keep glucose levels up in the blood stream, cortisol (stress hormone) will be released to covert the oxidized protein to glucose via glucogenesis. Since excess cortisol suppresses testosterone, limiting carbs is not favorable for testosterone production. Fats, especially saturated fats help increase cholesterol, which is needed for testosterone synthesis. Carbs also increase thyroid hormones, and it has been shown that lowered thyroid function lowers testosterone. As far as diet is concerned, I eat a lot of pastured eggs, grass fed beef, white rice, burgers, cheese, avocado shakes with whole milk and sugar, oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, beef tallow, and nut bars.

Now the best way to directly increase testosterone is through sunbathing on a daily basis by exposing your chest, back, and legs to sunlight. This method drastically increases my libido and morning wood frequency. I started sunbathing after reading various studies on its positive influence on increases testosterone. Vitamin D, which you obtain from the sun, increases testosterone by enhancing cholesterol synthesis. Many studies prove there is a direct relationship between vitamin D levels and testosterone. I’d also recommend taking vitamin D/k2 by Thorne Institute, especially in the Winter months. Vitamin K2 is found abundantly in the testicles, and enhances the uptake/absorption of vitamin D, hence increasing testosterone. The supplements that I take on a daily basis are as follows:

Taurine: Most abundant free amino acid in the testicles and heart tissue. Helps increase nitric oxide and circulation. When circulation is increased, oxygen flows more freely to the brain, which maximize brain function. Since the brain controls all organs and testosterone release, it makes sense to increase circulation to optimize testosterone. Taurine also is a component of bile, which helps emulsify fats. Since fats are crucial for testosterone production, increasing bile flow will enhance fat absorption, and hence increase testosterone indirectly.

Choline: helps prevent fatty liver and transports fats out of the liver. This ensures the liver will be functioning optimally, and hence detoxification will be enhanced, which implies estrogen will be excreted from the body at a faster and more efficient rate. Thus, the T/E ratio will be heightened. Also, choline is a methyl donor, which by chemical reaction turns fat insoluble toxins into water soluble components to be excreted from the body via the kidneys.

Pomagranate concentrate: Used mainly to increase circulation and NO levels like taurine. Acts as a catalyst for increased nutrient flux throughout the body. Thus, it is a good idea to consume a multivitamin with pomagranate concentrate to maximize absorption and transport of nutrients. The multivitamin i’d recommend is Whole Earth and Sea Men’s daily.

Zinc picolinate: Potent aromatase inhibitor, which helps facilitate the deactivation of estradiol from receptors. Used to increase T/E ratio

Magnesium citrate: critical for muscle recovery and intestinal health. Since the intestines [play a role in estrogen metabolism, magnesium should theoretically increase the excretion of estrogen from the body at faster rates. It’s also been proven to help lower SHBG increasing free testosterone as well as increasing total testosterone after rigorous exercise.

Vitamin E (Thorne institute): Helps increase pregnenalone, which is a hormone that regulates estrogen production. The higher your pregnenalone, the lower your estradiol will be, and hence there will be a indirect increase in testosterone.

Lastly, for exercise, I’d recommend limiting cardio, and doing resistance training 3-4 times per week in a split method where you train a maximum of two muscle groups per session. This ensures you recover throughout the week to avoid overtraining. Also, you only need to work out 30 minutes max with very high intensity.