Testosterone Level After Trenadrol

Hello Folks, I’m new to the thread and I have a serious question. I took the pro-hormone trenadrol by kilo sports last year around this time (10-8-10). I did a two week cycle properly of 2 capsules daily assisted by nolvadex 10mg every other day on cycle. I planned on doing a 4 week cycle but only ended up doing 2 weeks.

I made the horrible mistake of not taking any PCT after my 2 week cycle. A year later I still find it difficult at times to have a full erection, especially when drinking alcohol. I’ve taken a number of test boosters (tribulis testris, testrol, ZMA, horny goat weed), however, still don’t feel as if I’m back to my NORMAL test level before I did the trenadrol.

I went to my doctor’s to get my test levels checked out and everything was normal. I was just wondering what I could do to increase my libido/test level naturally? I am prescribed adderal which I’ve heard can lower your test level. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get my test production back to normal.

I’ve done research and have come to the fact that taking Clomid WILL boost your test levels. I just wasn’t positive if it was alright for me to take it while NOT coming off a steriod/pro-hormone cycle. I work out regularly, eat healthy, just feel as if my test level is dropping off a lot more significantly when I drink alcohol then the times I would drink alcohol before I took the cycle. If anything, I was even hornier when I drank alcohol before the cycle. I really just need want to get back my NORMAL test/libido level.

Any suggestions ?

“Everything was normal”

This doesnt mean anything. What is the actual number. Get the number and units from the doctor.

I’m pretty much just asking in general: if I take a 4 week cycle of clomid (50/50/25/25), will it increase my test level thus getting my testes working properly in order to stabilize my testosterone level to which it was BEFORE I took the trenadrol.I don’t have numbers, my doctor just told me everything was normal. And I do feel good, its just when I drink alcohol/take adderall my test level decreases significantly.

You already made this thread. You were only on for 2 weeks. I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s highly unlikely you were ever shut down. You can try the Clomid, but my money is on the Adderall or it’s in your head.

[quote]Mik24 wrote:

its just when I drink alcohol/take adderall my test level decreases significantly. [/quote]

You cant say your testosterone level is decreasing significantly. Youre just going by libido.

That said, alcohol and amphetemines such as adderrall are known to have a negative impact on libido.

Solution. Stop drinking in excess and using amphetamines. Most importantly, stop fucking around with exogenous hormones

[quote]Mik24 wrote:
.I don’t have numbers, my doctor just told me everything was normal. [/quote]

You pay your doctor, do you not? He works for you.

Ask for the numbers.

Again. ‘everything was normal’ doesnt mean shit.

Appreciate the advice fellas. I’ll try to limit the amount of adderall I take, kind of tough considering I’m in the middle of my last semester of a double major lol.

I’m pretty confident it’s the adderall, bud. This is a known side effect for some users. There are alternatives to stimulant medication (e.g. neurofeedback and cognitive training), and these methods may represent a long-term solution without the side effects you’re experiencing. Worth a shot.