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Testosterone Level After Trenadrol


Hello Folks, I'm new to the thread and I have a serious question. I took the pro-hormone trenadrol by kilo sports last year around this time (10-8-10). I did a two week cycle properly of 2 capsules daily assisted by nolvadex 10mg every other day on cycle. I planned on doing a 4 week cycle but only ended up doing 2 weeks. I made the horrible mistake of not taking any PCT after my 2 week cycle. A year later I still find it difficult at times to have a full erection, especially when drinking alcohol. I've taken a number of test boosters (tribulis testris, testrol, ZMA, horny goat weed), however, still don't feel as if I'm back to my NORMAL test level before I did the trenadrol. I went to my doctor's to get my test levels checked out and everything was normal. I was just wondering what I could do to increase my libido/test level naturally? I am prescribed adderal which I've heard can lower your test level. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


What was your test level when checked at the doctor. A lot of time doctors will tell you it is normal when in fact you have the testosterone level of an 80 year old.


He didn't give me an exact number. I was thinking about taking Clomid 50/50/25/25 to get my test producing back to normal. What do you think ?


I'd put all my money on it being the Adderall, not low test. When I take Adderall my weiner is totally out of commission for atleast a day or two. I imagine you've built up some tolerance to it, and that's why you can get a partial erection.

I'm sure there's some scientific/physiological reason behind this, but I don't know what it is. All stimulants seem to effect me this way.


There are many reasons why you may be feeling symptoms and have erection issues, Testosterone is only part of the story. You should check out the TRT forum and possibly open a case thread in there.

Taking a PCT now, without knowing what your T levels even are or investigating other causes, is a bit presumptuous. I guess it might not hurt (hopefully) but probably isn't the best way of doing things shooting into the dark.


Were you taking adderall before you ran the cycle with no ill effects? In my experience uppers make it hard to get an upper (I know, bad joke). Have you considered dropping the adderall for a while to see if that has any effect?


I was not taking adderall on a continuous basis before I ran the cycle (occasionally, maybe once a week to study for an exam). I have dropped the adderall before for a few weeks and I did feel a little better, but NOT as good as I was feeling before I ranthe cycle. Even now I don't take adderall (10 MG-IR) every single day. I just want to get my test production back to normal. I've done research and have come to the fact that taking Clomid WILL boost your test levels. I just wasn't positive if it was alright for me to take it while NOT coming off a steriod/pro-hormone cycle. I work out regularly, eat healthy, just feel as if my test level is dropping off a lot more significantly when I drink alcohol then the times I would drink alcohol before I took the cycle. If anything, I was even hornier when I drank alcohol before the cycle. I really just need want to get back my NORMAL test/libido level. Any suggestions ?