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Testosterone Left in Dead Space of Needle

I use 1ml syringes and after my injection and the plunger was pushed all way down I pulled it out and pulled back to see how much was left and it equates to about 10mg of testosterone so does that mean that none of us are actually doing the dosages we think we are? Also if that’s true then for people doing 2x or even 3x per week then they are minus 20 or 30mg per week?

Use one-piece insulin syringes and you won’t waste anything

Nice. Thanks

Backfill the syringe with a bit of air if you are shooting sub-Q.

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It isn’t that you’re getting less than you think. It’s still displacing the same volume when you inject. Keep in mind when you draw, the needle, end of syringe, etc are all full, so while you may be drawing more than your dose, the amount injected should still be correct, but there will be some leftover waste obviously, some more than others.

It’s not like the needle and end of the syringe are all empty when you start injecting. You aren’t filling those areas first THEN getting your meds out the end of the needle. They’re already full so as soon as the plunger starts moving it should start coming out the needle.

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Makes sense. Thank you

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