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Testosterone Lab Test - Fasting?


Hey, I got an order from my doc to get my t-level checked, and I was wondering if that test needed to be a fasting one.


I would imagine that if your goals were to gain a perscription then I would try and get them as close to baseline levels as possible. Fasting can cause a rise in GH however as fas as this leading to a rise in T I'm not too sure.

Heck, personally I'd drink like three beers a night until I got the test just to be on the safe side. but who am I kidding docs are presured to prescribe medication so much you'd probably get them no matter what you levels were.


There was another thread like this. It was about lowering test levels in order to get a stronger prescription. It was recommended that you overtrain incredibly right before you get the test done.(ie dragging yourself through a 2 hr workout)


Fasting from what???????????????



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Good one.