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Testosterone Jackets

What happened to the Jackets? I used to hear about them all of the time. How about a new contest? We could really have a lot of fun with it. I’ll do almost anything.

watch yourself Jason, that same comment got me in a LOT of trouble!


What ever happened with that Michelle? All of us T-Mag guys were looking forward to your pic.


My idea was a finalist in the last contest, and I had every intention of doing what I proposed: getting ten strippers in Test. shirts to pose together for a photo. TC even offered to donate the shirts! But the manager at the club declined the idea, so no luck.

my ‘sure I’ll streak a bar’ teammates backed out… shrug it figures! And I’m just not wide enough to write it all on me! grin

Michelle, I’m sure a topless shot of just you would be enough for the jacket. Even if its not, we’d still all like to see. :slight_smile: