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Testosterone jabs vs supplements

I tried to do a search on this site but couldn’t find anything.
Could someone please explain to me what the difference is between increasing your testosterone by taking testosterone injections or taking supplements such as Tribex or Redkat?

You’re kidding, right?

Injecting testosterone compounds for medical purposes, or otherwise, provides exogenous testosterone. (T from outside the body.) As a result, your endogenous (inside the body) natural T production will tend to be diminished because your body thinks it has all it needs and will shut off production at the testicles. It will also tend to reduce your sperm count and act as a type of male contraceptive, although a very unreliable one.

With exogenous T, you’re completely bypassing the body’s own hormone control system.

On the other hand, the supplements you buy, such as M, RedKat and Tribex encourage your body to make more of the endogenous T, that is, the T your body naturally makes. You might liken that to putting your testicles into overdrive. The disadvantage is that your body probably cannot make anywhere near as much as you can inject, and your sperm count will probably increase, which might or might not be a good thing.

By encouraging endogenous T, you’re still using the body’s natural hormone control system, you’re just opening the throttle more.

Does that help?

By injections do you mean one of the various esters of the aas test? I hope not.

It can be the difference between Night and Day.

Your body can produce only so much Testosterone, but you can inject as much as you’re willing to run the risk of.

The upside is you can gain a lot more muscle injecting, the downside is you can screw up your endocrine system and get all sorts of other nasty side effects as well.