Testosterone Issues, High SHBG

Hey guys, I’m a 27 year old male from New Jersey. I wanted to know if anyone knows of any doctors that are testosterone-friendly, meaning ones that will actually understand how important this hormone is for men’s health. What concerns me is that when I had my recent blood work done these were the following results:
Total Testosterone: 1,198 ng/dL
Free: 16.5 pg/mL
SHBG: 65.5 nmol/L
Estrogen: 95 pg/mL
Estradiol: 27.8 pg/mL

The issue I have is that my SHBG is higher than the range given, and that as a result limits how much testosterone is free for my body to use. The total testosterone means shit if your free and SHBG are not optimal. What a buddy of mine suggested was I take PROVIRON to lower the SHBG back down to an optimal level. The problem is that only a doctor can prescribe this and my current endocrinologist believes having abnormally high total testosterone and SHBG is normal. This means I need a new doctor that understands that in the long run this abnormally high SHBG to total testosterone will only do more harm than good. I definitely don’t feel like a man with high testosterone.

Side Comments: I am a natural lifter that doesn’t take supplements and I work out 3 days a week due to my work schedule. Last year my total testosterone was in the 800s range and I have actually slacked off in terms of fitness intensity from then until now, so I don’t understand the drastic rise in total testosterone. I didn’t do anything special. Present day I pretty much have the symptoms of low testosterone; such as low muscle mass compared to before, poor concentration/memory, anxiety, low energy levels at times throughout the day despite resting well, and excess fat around my face and stomach area. This doesn’t feel normal to me, so any help is much obliged. Thank you.

Im on this same boat. Do you have sex issues Like weak erection or low libido?

There is no way any sick care doctor is going to prescribe anything given your current levels, they will think you are looking to get jacked up on steroids with these levels.

You should be looking for a doctor privately and will most likely be paying cash.

When I plug your Total T and SHBG into a Free T calculator I get a Free T percentage of 1.54 % with 2-3 percent considered normal.

I would be interested in knowing your albumin level since some testosterone is weakly bound to it. If you haven’t already done so I would check your thyroid levels, TSH, Free T4 and Free T3.

Proviron is a weak anabolic steroid and isn’t approved by the FDA in the United States, so it’s not going to work out.

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This isn’t available by Rx from any doc in the US. It’s still used in Europe I believe.

Anyway, there’s other, legal, ways to lower SHBG, using AAS or diet.

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Amazing numbers for a natty. You didn’t mention diet at all. Low carb? Keto? Carnivore? All will raise SHBG

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I’m a little clueless with this to be honest. Every morning I do wake up with an erection and sometimes. As far as libido, I never really understood that. Is it summarized by how aroused you get when, for example, you see an attractive woman?

That’s true. I’m open to any suggestions as to where to find these private doctors if possible. To answer your question, the last blood work I had done that tests what you asked for was in January of this year. These are the results:
Albumin: 5.0 g/dL
TSH: 1.333 muIU/mL
Free T4: 1.01 ng/dL
Total T4: 12.20 mug/dL
Thyrotropin Release Hormone: <4 pg/mL

The blood work didn’t test Free T3 levels unfortunately. I was considering Proviron only because I was told it can lower my abnormally high SHBG levels down. I appreciate the input.

My diet I will admit is not the most optimal. I work at a restaurant, so I pretty much eat everything from there. My first meal consists of a soup with some Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds on the side. Then I’ll eat some cheese bread as a snack. I finish the day with a meal that consists of white rice, pinto beans, and either chicken, pork, or beef depending on the food being cooked that day. At home rarely I will have a little snack like 3 Chips Ahoy cookies or a Pop-Tart. I drink bottled water throughout the day and at home I’ll occasionally have a La Croix water. That’s pretty much it. It’s not at all optimal, and I’m open to suggestions.

From what I read, most of the legal supplements that help lower SHBG tend to increase total testosterone and in my case I think it will bite me in the ass since testosterone and SHBG have a direct relationship. As one increases so does the other. Diet-wise, I don’t know if the same will occur. Lowering something hormone related is far more difficult than increasing it. What’s AAS?

There are a few options, telemedicine is one and there are a few reputable ones, Defy Medical one I have personally used, I’m sure other members will have recommendations.

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I’ll check it out. Much appreciated.

Following this.
I have almost the exact problems and numbers.

I went through defy for a while and was prescribed tamoxifen. It helped me feel slightly better, but after taking it daily for over a year I began to worry about the long term effects.

I have tried all supplements that I can think of with no success. Boron was the one that always gets mentioned to lower SHBG. Ot did absolutely nothing for me.

Please keep this updated.