Testosterone Injection

.5ml once a week compared to .25 ml twice a week, of TESTOSTERONE CYP 200 MG/ML OIl injected is there a difference on how the body reacts, trying to cut back on injections, by doubling the amount per injection and injecting once a week any feed back would be appreciated

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I understand your trying to cut back on injections, not usually the direction one should take if having high estrogen issues and would expect softer if not non-existent erections which I understand is your issue.

The larger infrequent injections usually spike estrogen higher versus twice weekly injections. You’re lost with labs.


So what do you think about this: I was prescribed anastrozole 1mg once a week when I began TRT, when I picked up the prescription it read take 1 a day, so I did this for 2 weeks ,I called the dr he said it was supposed to be once a week, that’s when the sex drive and erection took a dump, I stopped taking it in Hope’s of regaining my libido back it’s been a month already it’s kinda back, I’m scheduled to go back in January for blood work, you think the anastrozole killed my estrogen and libido

Not only do I think 1mg anastrozole wipes out your libido and erections, but I think your protocol is no good for you. You need smaller more frequent injection and the AI will likely not be necessary.

Some men are AI over-responders only needing a fraction of a 1mg dosage, I think the 1m anastrozole is irresponsible! My doctor will only start out at .125 mg doses.

You need to post all pre-TRT labs, only then will I be able to steer you in the right direction.

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Yes there is. However, the vast majority of men on TRT take 150-200mg injections once a week. I’m talking about 90%, these include guys going with black market sources and those using TRT clinics. They do fine. Many underground do not even know about things like SHBG, E2 or half lives. Some TRT doctors do not worry about E2 either. You want to throw in the million more who take testosterone through their PCP, or an endocrinologist or urologist? They take 200mg twice a month and are doing fine. Some even monthly, maybe 300mg once a month.

I had lunch with an old friend a couple of weeks ago, a pretty good powerlifter back In the '70s and '80s. I wrote his steroid programs. Turns out he has been on TRT for several years, through his primary. You guessed it, 200mg every two weeks. Loves it. Feels great. I discussed the half life of the cypionate, once weekly dosing, probably needs more. Blood counts, E2, free testosterone levels. Totally unaware of any of this. He’s very happy with TRT and not interested in changing anything. That is most guys. They are not on the tnation forum.

What you are reading here are stories from the outliers. Interesting, yes, but keep perspective. Here is what I would do, take 150mg a once a week. Or 100mg, I think that is not enough, but, hey, you can always increase it if you’re not happy. See how you do. If you need to bump up the dose or injection frequency, you always can. Good luck.