Testosterone Injection vs Test Cream - Facts

This is what i believe to be ACTUAL facts correct me if i am wrong on anything

Test shots Versus Creams.

Why i personally Believe Shots are SUPERIOR in the long-term treatment.

  1. Creams usually expire in body after maximum of 24hrs, where’s test CYP or Enanthate will be keeping Testosterone still in 500+ range in your bloodstream for over 3 days before another Shot is due.

  2. Muscle Density & Muscle Growth SPEED will be MUCH improved after 1-2 months on the 100% Absorbed Injections, rather than 10% or 20% Compounded Creams which could take months even years to get Bigger Muscle gains because of it’s application on skin.

3.Creams help mental Clarity & focus, but i believe injections would Supersede" in the terms of Mental clarity, even though i ain’t started shots yet this is what i have gathered from forum experience.

4.Morning Erections much more frequent & SEXUAL activity overall on Injections? also the Honeymoon PERIOD greatly increased in first 2 weeks on Shots versus compound creams, regarding this number 4. I have been on a 10% TEST cream for over 2 months, applied to my Balls/Scrotum 3 times daily even 4 i did not once get my Old Sex drive where i would be wanting it every single day, just didn’t happen.

  1. Injections of Test will provide much better Fitness DRIVE, to go too the Gym & Pick up Heavy weights and hit those weights for 1 hour or more compared to Creams. Regarding this at the time i was only on 100% Testosterone cream 10% strength, no HCG & i didn’t want too Gym at all too Lift weights. In fact i was not lifting even 40 pound DumbBells like i could before Pre T.R.T. I am starting Injections soon & hope to Lift my old 40 Pound Dumbbells consistantly.

  2. Acne & OILY Skin reported more frequently with the men on injections

7.This will be a final one, another Benefit of Testosterone injections vs Creams is that probably a Higher Red Blood cell count & overall more Oxygen lasting capacity in your lungs etc, to have more endurance when engaged in any exercise, where ever that’s Walking, Running, or in the gym.

Thanks for listening guys, and correct me on any of the above if i messed up. Regards your Bro, Daniel from UK

Are you trying to convince yourself or others? Are these “Facts” backed up by sources that are credible? Or are these your opinions?

Are you nervous about your first shot because you seem to be posting sporadically.

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The Muscle Hypertrophy i found out to be true from research articles, other’s i wrote is my personal opinion & i liked to know other peoples experience on Injections. Not Nerveous to be totally honest about first Test shot, it’s rather Totally Indecisive to do it by I.M or SubQ method, as i heard the benefits of SubQ too. i wanted to know if can be done exactly same as H.C.G which you stick the Needle at an angle into the fat usually @45 degrees. if you did a belly shot with your test bro. @newbvet

Personally, I would stick with IM into quads or glutes, until you are comfortable pinning yourself. You always go 90 to the injection site. Not straight up and down or perpendicular. Give it a month or 2 of pinning then switch to SubQ if you want. IM is not as bad as people say. I use a 23g IM into quads twice a week. I dont get welts, bumps or soreness anymore. I was using a 21g, that was a pain in the ass.

Once in the left leg, I went perpendicular to the floor, and the needle almost went out of the quad on the other side. I injected the Test there and it burned so bad for like 3 minutes, but then swelled and welted up for 3-4 days. This is why you always go at the 90 degree angle.

Relax and have fun. Dont make this a more stressful time than need be. I dont use hCG, as I am 40 and already have kids. Plus the ball shrinkage makes me look hung.

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Thanks Bro, I LAUGHED at this part you said

Plus the ball shrinkage makes me look hung

Well at least your wifes Happy is main thing Dude keeping them happy lol same with mine lol.

You lost me here ^^

Of course they do. That’s why they’re applied daily, as to mimic the bodies own production.

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LOL, I’ve been holding my tongue on that one.