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Testosterone Injection Issues

I’ve been using test 250 for the last three weeks and last injection I’ve had swelling spread to my lower back and a knot also any suggestions? It’s not close to the injection site at all!

Where are you injecting? And what could you have done to your back?

Sounds like he did glute and maybe hit a nerve.

If I was him, I would hit it with Ice/ Heat packs for a day or two see if the swelling comes down then alternate my shots to quads.

Yeah it was a gluten injection but I didn’t notice it till about 4 days after the initial injection, it’s to the right of my tailbone.i appreciate all suggestions.

Describe the pain, please.

It’s mainly swelling and a knot but it’s just achy not really pain, I’ve switched to quad injection today to give it time to heal but it’s been about six days.

Its just a reaction to the shot or the location to which you placed it. I had the same thing in my quad. Massage it, Ice then heat. It will dissipate within a few days. I drew a circle around mine with a sharpie to make sure it didn’t extend, because I was worried about infection.

Alternate quads. Dont keep it in just one.

Yeah, it’s just weird because it’s not even close to the injection site and it didn’t come on till like three days after injection. I normally rotate from glute to glute. Thanks for the info.

I found when I first started I’d get pip all the way down the muscle, like gravity pulled the oil down the muscle and it being new to it, irritated it the whole way down. So not surprised your feeling it away from the injection site.

Actual swelling? Or could it just be back tightness?
During my first test E only cycle, I experienced a fight lower back for the first 8-10 injections, along with a sore injection site. Then it just went away.

Hope all gets better!

Your shot was next to your tailbone? Hope this is not correct. You should be pinning in the upper, outer quadrant of your buttock. Never anyplace else or you risk hitting the sciatic nerve.