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Testosterone in NY Times

In the NY Times Long Island section, front cover. The headline Strong Island. Author says, “In a chat room on testosterone.net, a web site for steroid users…” If any T-mag staff get to read this, you really ought to get in touch with the NY Times, just to protect this great site.


We have a chat room?

“MB Eric: Keeping corpses around for eccentric deadlifting since 1401.”


I so damn tired of the negative press associated with steroids. Its fucking dumb as shit. Its ridiculus how people just jump to conclusions. Its obvious this pencil neck bastard has never even looked at the website. What an asshole.

Bump. T-mag staff should write in to the times for a correction and some free publicity. Not everyone here is a steroid user. Only about 40 percent. Also anyone got a link to the article? Come on mods, you gotta let me see the article

MB Eric: I assume the article is talking about this forum since we don’t have a chat room. Wow, the forum isn’t even a year old yet and we’re already starting a ruckus!

Rafael: I’d bet the number of steroid using readers is below 40% even.Those who “choose to use” just tend to be very vocal.

Footsoldier: So what was this article about? I checked the NY Times web site but came up empty.

Chris, the article is about Long Island being a hot place for steroid users. The article mentions Long Island teenager’s desires to get big, and the risks they take to accomplish their goal. They also go on about the availability and popularity of steroids on Long Island. -


Awww, that sucks, I’m 20 and I live on Long Island, I missed out on the roid rage by one little year. It’s not fair! Know what else is popular on Long Island? Anorexia, Bulemia, materialism, and people writing articles that "shock " suburban parents into paying attention to their kids in-between cell-phone business mergers. But I digress, Does anyone really research their sources anymore? Lata.

“MB Eric: For those of us who know the truth we shall prosper and grow well, and for the ignorant masses, they can go to hell since T-mag issue # 1.”


MB, that might be my favorite one of the after post things you’ve put up yet, as for the NY times, it’s a huge paper, it’ll get the word out, especially if the guys here at T-mag ask for a correction.

“The only thing worse than being talked about
is not being talked about!”(Graham Chapman)

Ha ha. Ignorant pen pushers. The testicular renaissance starts here and they call it “a site for steriod users.” Damn it, while Im feeling meglomaniacal Ill go as far as calling this the re-invention and re-evolution of the modern man. We are the future - you better ask somebody. Hey, Arnold talked about dictators and very powerful people in Pumping Iron did he not.

"Teaching MB about signoffs since 2001" Dre. Or how about "First rule of Tmag forum, do not tell anyone about Tmag forum" Dre. Or maybe "THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED - NY TIMES ... CONSIDER YOURSELVES ... WARNED" D-R-E ;).

There are a lot of steroid users in Long Island, NY. For some reason steroids don’t seem to have a negative stigma attached and a lot of my friends from the area have used them. The average size of a meathead in a Long Island bar is much larger than an upstate NY meathead. I also believe that tight black ribbed Structure shirts were invented in LI. Is it like this in Jersey too? Also, any link to the article?

Raf, you’re from the Island I take it? What part, man? Lata.

“MB Eric: Yeah, Heston, I’m a damn dirty ape. Now get in the ring, NRA boy…Since 1971.”


The NY Times is nothing but a socialist rag but someone from t-mag should definately get their view published so that people know the truth as it corresponds to the objective facts.

Guys, help me out here. I started to contact the Times two or three times and then I think, “Who gives a rat’s ass?” Am I wrong?

TC, contact 'em, man. I give a rat’s ass, if no one else. Y’know what pisses me off about newspapers? Every time (and I mean EVERY time) they have an article about something that I know a little bit about (chess, bodybuilding, Japan), somewhere, something is wrong. They get some basic fact just totally, totally wrong. Makes me wonder where the error is in other articles about stuff that I’m NOT up on, y’know? And then they (sometimes) print a tiny disclaimer two weeks later on page 94 saying that they “regret the error”. Meanwhile, the damage has been done. Well, fuck that. This time we know what’s wrong, and I for one would very much like to see one of your famously sarcastic replies make it to the op-ed page. Assuming that they’d have the balls to print it.

agrees with TC except to the extent it can get, and tmag wants, some mileage as Rafael said. Go for a full page 1 apology (high aspirations usually result in better results in negotiation) press it (the sqeaky wheel gets the grease) and settle for a nice little free spiel on the inside pages. Could be the proverbial gift horse :slight_smile:

The article is garbage and you can tell by the info alone it was written over 6 months ago… the speak of dolphin gyms… which became synergy over 6 months ago… and they speak of the long island dog, that guy sent feedback to tc over 2 years ago they must have gotten it in the archives, lol chatrooom.

Okay. I’ll give it a go. First I want to find the actual article. I subscribe to their website, so I’ll do a search and see what I come up with. Also, Chris, I hear what you’re saying about newspapers. That’s why I get three of the suckers. Even so, they usually contradict each other.

Chris, I agree with Dre and crew…make an issue of it. Now I am in no way against the use of steroids…in fact if I knew I could get 100% pure stuff, and take no legal risks, I would be on the juice myself, however as I have stated before, I am not willing to risk my lifestyle against the chance of getting busted. But anyway, I wear my Testosterone T-shirt all the time, and I get a lot of comments on it. Now I DO NOT want it to be that just because I wear a TESTOSTERONE t-shirt, and am well built…that everyone who read the Times thinks I am a roider. I wear that damn shirt with pride (as silly as that may seem, I know it is only a shirt) and I certainly wouldn’t want the “T” ideals to be boiled down to just “roid use” by the uneducated public due to a newspaper article.

Sic em bro!!

I kind of see your point, TC. I haven’t seen the article, but if they just said that testosterone.net is a website for steroid users… well it is. There’s a section here for steroid users and there’s a forum for natural guys. Some of the articles are about steroids, most are not. So if that’s all they said, I wouldn’t bother, since technically they are correct. If they said some flat out lie, like “Testosterone net - a marketplace for buyers and sellers of steroids,” I’d write in to get a correction.