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Testosterone in da MOrning

“While the T levels of young men spike in the morning, older men experience no such spike.”

If this is true, would the spiked T levels in the morning help muscle growth, if like say I worked out early in the morning, or when I woke up. ?

Not true. And no, any difference in T levels from morning to night is negligible in helping one promote muscle growth if training in the morning.

As we know, T-levels spike in the AM and they also spike when we lift. If we lift in the morning, our T-levels are spiked twice at roughly the same time. Results: a couple hours after the workout, our T-levels have petered out to their mere “normal” range. This tends to promote a feeling of lethargy in the afternoon. As an alternative, lift at night. This way you get a spike in the AM, and again in the PM, to keep your body going strong all day long!