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Testosterone In a BIG BLOCK


Check this Dyno video ...
This Engine is dripping with Testosterone http://www.gmgoodwrench.com/perfparts/flash/dyno.html

Let me know if it down loads all the way.


Hell yes thats a nice crate motor.


Damn it sounds nice! Commercial needed more engine & less background music..


Now that's nice. I heard they were going to come out with something like that but with all the cutbacks I didn't think they would follow through. Does anyone have any idea how much one of those things would cost? I would just love to shove that in my Chevelle.


The ZZ572 engines have been out for two or three years now. The 620hp version is around $13,000 and the 720hp version is around $14,000. Pricey, but well worth the bragging rights.


Well I guess that falls under the catagory of "cost prohibitive". Thanks for the info!


Well I demand a new pair of Levi's!