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Testosterone home made


k im looking at gettin my first cycle in of test i looked it up on how to convert but they all sound like im going to get an infection using sh*t like food oils and rubbing alchol if its true then ill do it all i wana know is wat do i have to do to convert 10 grams of test ethate powder to injectable and how much to inject i think 200 mg a week but i dont wana inject the least amount possible unless anymore will be dangerous (like kill me)


So let's start you off right before this train falls off the tracks as quickly as it is going to"

1) Read this http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/best_of_the_steroids_forum

2) Read this http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/steroid_planning

3) This isn't a source board so don't ask for a source

4) Don't bother saying you are ready for a cycle, you have your diet perfect, or you know how to train because none of it is true.

5) Don't get pissy that someone won't hand you the information, refer to numbers 1 and 2. I am being helpful.

6) Welcome to the board


not asking for a source threw it in i do have my traing down and my diet is perfect for bulking rite now all i want to know is how to make testosterone e at home and and any other ways other then using test e powder i heard also using 4ad but i dont know if it means the old one or new one?

no one else mak stupid comments it obviously wastes your time and mind and people viewing


Ironic that you ask that no one else make stupid comments.

And remember, I tried to help, oh well.


basskilleronline will help you.


So for your first cycle ever you skipped the whole "Scored some shit from the local gym rat" an went straight into making your own jazz? brave man! but on a serious note please stop while your ahead.


So would reading through the first link I provided.


Okay, you think 200mg a week is a good idea for your first cycle? A TRT dose?

And I am pretty sure there are tons of threads on this already. It is pretty easy.


I mix testosterone powder obtained from GNC with olive oil and Kettle One Vodka and inject into my heart.... now thats a rush.


You have no clue what you are talking about, bad enough to inject and even worse to make your own....especially for a weak 200mg...get a prohormone, dial your diet tight, get a powerlifting rountine, tons of rest and see where it goes as 200mg of home brew IMO is going to do zip, nada, nothing. If you are worried about something killing you, it won't be the Test even at a 1000mgs, it will be the sepsis you injected from a home brew...AAS is not for those afraid to die.

I can tell you that food oils is not going to kill you, I use Grapeseed all the time. It is the shear cleanliness that sets you apart from the abscess hell and $$$$ you will shell out in the ER. I would be even more worried about my gear and whom prepped it.


[/quote] I mix testosterone powder obtained from GNC with olive oil and Kettle One Vodka and inject into my heart.... now thats a rush. [/quote]

Sounds like a rocking Martini to me...


This is a grade A shit post. Unless you were being sarcastic/joking.


Do you even know you need a filter.