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Testosterone Help/TRIBEX?

I have been reading on this site for quite some time. I am a 36 yo male with low a T level. I saw an endo dr for 9 months. He had me on Androgel (small packets)and I was not happy with the results (I noticed no improvement) from taking this stuff.

I talked to the doc and told him that if I was going to take something it should work! And I figured that since I was on Androgel that maybe it would help with my weightlift/bodybuilding, well after all I have read about Androgel and the samll dose I was on it was not going to help with any of my problems and as a matter of fact taking Androgel was only going to screw up my body from making test naturaly.

So I have been doing some information searching on this site and others as well and with what I have been reading on this site I should be taking TRIBEX. I have two questions.

  1. Will taking TRIBEX help to increase my test level as well as increase my body size and strength?

  2. What makes Biotest TRIBEX better than the competition??

Welcome aboard!

How long were you on Androgel? It takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months until you’d notice anything (Solvay).

Since you are only 36, you should try the herbals first. Reason: using T shuts you down.

I was on Androgel/Testim for 10 months and got minor benefits. I’m now on Test Cyp.

If the gels don’t work, go ahead and get the shots. They truly don’t hurt much at all.

I was on Androgel for 9 months. I felt and saw no effects. My fear of going with something Dr prescribed is the effect it has on slowing or stopping the bodies making of testosterone. What are some herbal products that I could try?

I’ll let someone else answer the question about herbal remedies to low-T, but age 35 was right about where I’d say my T-levels started to noticeably decline and I suffered with it for another 10 years.

If the herbal/supplemental approach doesn’t work for you, then I strongly recommend you just commit yourself to a lifelong HRT program and reap the benefits. The weekly test cyp shots aren’t bad at all and the benefits are almost too good to be believed.

I give thanks to my HMO which finally allowed the patients to see any specialist we deemed fit without a referal from my otherwise quite good primary care physician who genuinely thought a Total Test level of 227 out of a range of 280-1100 wasn’t low enough to do anything about. The endo saw this differently and I owe him many thanks!

I am going to try the Herbal/Supplemnet route before I go back to the endo dr.

[quote]Smokem wrote:
I am going to try the Herbal/Supplemnet route before I go back to the endo dr.[/quote]

TRIBEX is very good. Tells your brain, to tell your balls, to make more T. Tribulis terrestris it the most widely used supplement for this purpose. Biotest has the best extract of tribulis on the market right now in my opinion.

Alpha Male is good as well. They just wrote a feature about it a week or so ago. Click on the store and you will find Biotest’s literature on it. I have not tried it yet but have heard excellent reviews from all that have.

I get a 300 mg shot every 3 weeks and recently began TRIBEX (which is the gold standard of trib products). I feel much better over Testim/Androgel.

I especially hit the TRIBEX in the week prior to the shot, as by then its effects are winding down.

I am very leary about going back on an HRT plan. From what I have read once you start HRT you will have continue for life. I don’t like the fact that once testosterone is injected into you it slowly stops your body from making its own testosterone. That’s why I want to try a testosterone booster! I don’t want to subject my body to anymore doctor prescribed meds than I already have in the past 12 years. My doc told me that it was just out of the “normal” range. So hopefully some TRIBEX or some other product in the same group will work for me.

My own experience with TRIBEX was pretty positive… quick background…

I’m 30. I’ve had prostate issues (prostatitis, enlarged prostate) for a few years. Not very pleasant. I’ve taken Saw Palmetto, which didn’t help at all, and this stuff called Flomax, which helps if you take like 8 a day for 3 months. Then two weeks after you stop taking it, you’re right back where you started.

Since I’ve been lifting and reading T-Nation (as well as other books supporting the testosterone culture), something dawned on me.

When do most men start having prostate problems? When they’re older, and their T-level drop off. Also, I was a fairly heavy drinker (love my beer)… but alcohol suppresses T production.

I thought maybe there was a connection.

Since I started lifting, I’ve cut my drinking WAY back, but my prostate was still giving me grief. So, I ordered a bottle of TRIBEX and started taking the max recommended dosage. I also took ZMA before bed. The result? While it didn’t completely eliminate my problems, it suppressed them quite a bit.

Placebo effect? Maybe. But now that I’ve run out of TRIBEX and haven’t had the extra dough to get more, I’ve noticed my prostate starting to bother me a little more.

I’ve got a urologist appointment on Fri, so I’m going to mention all this to him and see if I can’t get my T-levels taken… haven’t had that done yet.

Anyways, sorry for the thread hijack, but I thought you might find my story pertinent.

Good luck!

It’s long but explains my past.

My health issues started in 1994. That’s when I was diagnosed with crohns disease. For 10 years I was on and off more medications than I can remember, the worse being prednisone. I was on that crap for way to long. It messed me up inside wy more than I thought. It screwed up my bone density very bad and completely messed up my test level. Last year I was hospitalized 4 times to try and fix the problem.

After many meetings with doctors, surgeons, and specialists of all kinds I had major intestinal reconstructive surgery to remove about 10 inches of upper and lower intestine. The first Gastro doc I had for 9 years did a great job of screwing up my body with all kinds of drugs. My new gastro doc and the intestinal specialist/surgeon worked wonders to fix me up. On Feb 5th 2005 I weighed in at 122 lbs. On January 26th 2006 I weighed 166 lbs. As of May 2nd I weighed a whopping 176 lbs! My body could not gain weight for almost 10 years due to the crohns and the absys’ that had grown in my abdominal region, for years due to several small holes in my intestine. The stuff from my intestine was leaking into my body. The doc said to me “I can’t believe you look and feel as good as you do”.

And I looked and felt like crap 90% of the time. So now after being poked and proded and more doc visits, and hospitlal stays that I went thru last year I am better than I have ever been in my 36 years of being on this planet. So it’s because of all the BAD past with drugs and dr’s BS that I don’t want anymore meds if I don’t have to take them. Now when I go to the doc’s I question everything he tells me to do or take. I owe my life to the surgeon that fixed me up!

Hey, sorry to hear about all medical problems, that truly sucks. I am mid 40’s. I strated out using MAG-10 a few years back, and loved it. I have started my own T supplmentation program since and in between use Alpha Male.

My intial total test several years back was 387, last year it was 665. I love the way I feel on Test. My dosages are a little higher than HRT. I pretty much use Alpha Male like a vitamin. At some point I will take the HRT plunge. Try the Aplpha Male or TRIBEX. Good luck.

I’ll second the tribulus vote. I was quite sick with mold poisoning and lost tons of weight (about 50lbs of muscle) and my T levels were lower than those of a 70 yr old man. No libido and no work capacity. Hell, I didn’t even have the energy to stand up straight. (I’m 6’7) There is a very clear line that seperates the time before finding tribulus and after. After I started taking it, I felt better, still not great, but much better and I gradually got stronger as my body got rid of the poisons and inflammation.

What I’d recommend, though, is to cycle it. Your body will get used to it and you’ll end up getting nothing out of it. That happened to me. Of course, I took it every day for 3 years while on the very looong road to recovery. My T is still somewhat low now, but I haven’t taken tribulus for over a year and have just started to cycle it.

Hope that helps.


[quote]storemike wrote:

What I’d recommend, though, is to cycle it. Your body will get used to it and you’ll end up getting nothing out of it. That happened to me. Of course, I took it every day for 3 years while on the very looong road to recovery. My T is still somewhat low now, but I haven’t taken tribulus for over a year and have just started to cycle it.

Hope that helps.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cycle it? I’ve read different opinions on here about it, like 12 weeks on, 2 off while doing the 5 days on/2 off. Tim Patterson mention something about 2 weeks straight, taken every day, then two weeks off.

I don’t know. I was going to try 3 weeks on with the same length (or longer) off. I really don’t want my system to get used to the Tribulus. It would be nice to have an informed opinion, though, as to cycle lengths for this stuff.


Hey man, I am thirty ( as of a few months ago. )I have been on both Alpha Male and TRIBEX ( old and new ). I haven’t been on the new Alpha Male the old one made me feel like a 16yr old again, aggressive and horny to the point i would almost screw a knot hole in a tree. point is my T levels skyrocketed.

I have cut back to TRIBEX for now and i still get excellent results. My two main supps are TRIBEX and Spike. Those tow for me have me goading, beasting, and getting the best of the young kids at work during morning physical Training.

My recommendation is get 2-3 mths of TRIBEX/ Alpha Male and take it religously like you brush your teeth. You will see results i am sure of it.

Has anyone had their T levels checked before and after TRIBEX supplementation as proof that it works?

hey guys just remember all this testosterone supplementation and androgel could cause sterility,
so be careful if you want kids later.

okay i’m relatively new to lifting… been training for about a year and a half. Ive made some pretty decent gains. I am 38, and im’ still looking to gain muscel mass. i’ve looked at tribulus… i’ve read the side effects which seem minimal… what have you guys encountered… any info would be great!

if you stack 17hd and viraloid that will raise your t-level, you can get that at just about any supplement store