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Testosterone, HCG, and Adderall


So I'm going to see the endocrinologist next week and she recommended 200mg every 2 weeks of testosterone over HCG. I've read that exogenous testosterone suppresses endogenous testosterone production, and that HCG stimulates the leydig cells of the testes to produce more testosterone, which is why I would rather take HCG. Adderall is killing my sex drive but I have an extreme case of ADHD, I've since cut back to 20 mg daily down from 30 mg and have noticed more frequent erections. Should I switch to an "as needed" basis on my adderall, also, should I take the synthetic testosterone or HCG?


Injected T is testosterone ester dissolved in oil. You inject that and it takes time to be absorbed. As the T esters become free molecules, a few different process strip the ester group off of the T ester, which yields bio-identical testosterone. All medical testosterone is synthetic because it is man made.

There are many anabolic steroids that are not testosterone.

200mg every two weeks is horrible. You need to self inject and inject 50mg twice a week.
You probably need a different doctor. Yes, there is a sticky for that.

Read the protocol for injections sticky.

hCG should not be used in high doses to increase T, that will create high E2 levels. hCG will work if you are younger and have health testes. If your low T is because of the testes, hCG will not get the job done.

Post your lab number and ranges.
Some drugs can lower T.

In many cases, the issues can be more than replacing testosterone. Read some of the threads here.


My appointment is this week so I will post my lab results as soon as i receive them. I'm really afraid of overdoing it on the exogenous testosterone but, not to get graphic, my testes feel abnormally small and this just happened sometime in the last 2 months. At 200 mg every 2 weeks, am i to expect a total loss of testicular function? As it stands, I can have sex once a day, twice if I rest at least an hour in between, I still have desire, but my body just won't respond at the right time. I started taking this product called Test Revolution which worked great the first day but now I'm back to my old self again.


Young virile males product about 10mg T per day. 100mg T ester yields about 70mg after the ester groups are removed, which is ~ 10mg/day. The key is avoiding peaks and troughs. 200mg/week is very wrong.

It does not take much TRT to shutdown LH and the testes. That result is basically the definition of an effective T delivery system.

You will need E2 lab data!

Read the stickies and understand T+AI+hCG

So testes are smaller in the last two months:
Any reduction in peripheral vision width or other visual field disturbances [not refractive errors].
Any blows to the head or whip lash leading up to these problems?
Testes ache now? Ever? With a fever?

Do you now also feel that you get cold easier?

Do not use "Test Revolution"
Some drugs can lower T.
Some drugs can lower T.
Some drugs can lower T.


Any reduction in peripheral vision width or other visual field disturbances [not refractive errors]? No, no problems with my vision.
Any blows to the head or whip lash leading up to these problems? None, no accidents or nothing else to report.
Testes ache now? Ever? With a fever? The only time my testes ache is when I have a rough night of sex.

Do you now also feel that you get cold easier? Yes, I get cold very easy.

So apparently I have to have a referral to see the endocrinologist which is what I just obtained. So, with that said, I won't see the endocrinologist until Jan 19 (gasp).
Dude, you have no idea what I'm going through right now, T revolution is the only thing that is making me feel like a man again; I'm only taking half the recommended dose and it seems to be doing the job. My girl is on the verge of leaving me too, so I had to take drastic measures until my appointment.


A lot of us here understand what you and your girl are going through.

You have probably noticed a lot of traffic here concerning thyroid. Please check you waking body temps, when you first wake not after you get out of bed. Record for a few days.

Skin changes? Dry skin? Nails brittle?

Your teste becoming smaller indicates low LH levels. FSH is actually a more useful number. If testes are not hanging and up tight, that would indicate extremely low LH. When gonadotrophins are low, hCG might work well.


OK so i just got my lab results and the Dr is being a douche bag and is not going to give me testosterone therapy. Here are my results for Testosterone, Free/total with SHBG.
Testosterone: 275 NG/DL
Calc Free Testosterone: 9.1 NG/DL

I've read that testosterone under 300 is considered low, so why the eff won't this effing Dr put me on test replacement?


This thread is almost a year old and the OP is right his levels are low and there's no reason why his Dr shouldn't get him on some sort o HRT program. Also, if he has insurance because his levels are low the insurance should pay for a large part of his treatment. Hopefully he'll see this post and give us an update.