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Testosterone Hard Copy Magazine?


I know there was talk before about possibly coming out with a hard-copy magazine again....... whats going on with that? Is that still in the plans?


Anybody know anything about this?


If you print it, they will come.


There was a printed mag for a while. It came out sporadically. Many of the articles were reprints of the online ones, but there were also some paper exclusive articles as well. I signed up for a six issue subscription (which came with a poster and a t-shirt) but only received four copies (I believe they discontinued the mag after that.) Oh well. It'd be nice to see it again though.


Lucky you. I only got one, not counting the one other magazine that I was able to find in the newsstands.

For those who are wondering, Biotest doesn't have any more back issues. I checked. :frowning:

Anybody who has issues 1-4 and 7 and would be willing to barter it, PM me. :slight_smile:


bring it back


check this out:



There was quite a bit of talk about bringing the paper mag back in a new large page format, like ESPN the mag I think. I was really excited about it when they were talking about it last winter and early spring.

I have asked this a couple times in threads, but still no answer from anyone. Has the idea been scrapped?


I sure hope it hasnt been scrapped.... I remember when they were talking about it too, and I couldnt wait for it....


I'd almost certainly subscribe if such a thing existed!