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Testosterone Gyms

Testosterone ought to look into starting their own gym franchise: NO belties,hot babes or newbies wanting to become hot babes,Grow MRPS and Surge sold at the counter(no smoothies allowed), Squat and power racks lining the walls,the TESTOSTERONE insignia in neon over the mirrors, No spandex allowed(except on hot fit t-vixens), Biotest beer parties on friday nites(that one is for Patricia),nothing but Biotest supps for sale, and must be member of T-NATION to join,chalk and loud grunts allowed. Hell, the t-maggers on this site would make some damn good personal trainers. No pussies allowed(the male variety that is). So what do you think? Damn that would be great!!

I’m for it as long as we can bring our own CDs and play some kick ass music!–instead of this nearly elavator type shit at Balley’s.

Naked Man: you just brought a tear to my eye…sniffel thanks!

That would be great. For current facilities, have you checked out the UAH weight room?

Heck, this is heaven, right? What would be even cooler is if the TMAG staff would make appearances at these gyms. We could talk, train together, etc. Though these are all my own little pipe dreams.

Visits from people like Poliquin instead of fad fitness people. Never-ending olympic style facilities would be nice too. You know this would only be possible as “one” gym and not a franchise. That would work… one world famous T-Complex. Gigantic and romanesque with 100’s, possibley 1000’s of intelligent people in it at all times. Attending lectures, studying, having their own little rounds tables. This could be a T-Nation University!!! Yeah, thats it!!! Screw the gym make it a institute!!! Hey T-Nation let’s make it happen!!!

Love it…They need to pilot it in atlanta!

Oh man, that would be heaven.

TC, Tim P, if you’re reading this thread, please consider!

I’m tired of 24 hour and the stupid music they play.

Have a toast on me and say hey to Ko. If your ever in Alabama look me and the Ms. up and we’ll treat yall(Bama lingo)to a night on the town.

I’m their every Wed. around 11:30a.m. for leg day and am about to quit my regular gym(family fitnees) and join exclusively, fantastic equipment and the best gym in North Al. Leg equipment is awesome. Come by and have Byron paged on WED. and Naked Man will appear(fully clothed). I would love to meet fellow t-maggers.

if start up cost is a problem, I am willing to offer my basement, free of charge…

How much would you be willing to pay fo a membership?

As long as Nakedman doesn’t live up to his name. Please no. :slight_smile:

Sign me up for a lifetime membership. Do you take VISA?

I have only heard about UAH, but have not trained there. I currently train at home.

That’s a little “elitest” don’t you think? It’s all a good to me except the no newbies, etc. That’s like saying “I’m better than you because I’ve been training longer; I don’t want to breathe the same air as you or be forced to give you advice.”