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Testosterone.Good or Bad?


Hello everyone,
I'm thinking to use testosterone booster and i'd like some opinions of what should worry about(if any..).What benefits will i have?what's the right dosage?thanks in advance


Well the main side effect is greatness.

You'll feel good with no repercussions.


unless you're in your thirties don't get it.that is when yout T level starts to drop enough to call for a booster.

Buy some Grow! instead :slightly_smiling:


If he were to take it in his late teens or early twenties, would it fuck up his T levels later in life?


Exogenous T certainly has the possibility of messing up the endocrine system later on if taken at a young age. Think about it. Exogenous T causes the body to stop producing its own T. You don't want that when you're young.

On the other hand, something like TRIBEX, which encourages the body to make more of its own T shouldn't have that problem. But I doubt anybody would recommend taking it in their teens, just to be safe. Teens are already at maximum T production anyway. They just need to life heavy and eat clean. They'll save a lot of money that way too.


Many people falsely assume that one needs to be in their thirties to use a test booster or that using one early in life will negatively alter their test production later in life. Both of these assumptions are incorrect.

Test production can begin to lower or never reach peak productions for a variety of reasons early in life. In some of these cases a natural test booster like TRIBEX or Alpha Male can indeed boost lagging test production.

As far as inhibiting test production in later life many of these people incorrectly compare steroid use with a natural test booster.

With steroid use you are introducing synthetic androgens into the body in androgen levels far above normal which will lead to test production suppression with improper PCT and use that may or may not effect ones levels later in life.

With a natural test booster like tribulas you are introducing a natural compound that causes a chain reaction of events in the male body resulting in the testes ramping up production of testosterone to peak natural levels.

Levels are again at natural peak levels not far above them as with most steroid usage. With levels at high normal generally one not need worry about adverse side effects such as gyno, hair loss, or acne, unless one was genetically highly predisposed to these side effects.

So, in summary a 25 yrs. old male with test production at mediocre levels can indeed benefit from a product like TRIBEX or Alpha Male.



This is me... except I'm 24. Alpha Male has become a staple in my life. I was extremely close to seeing a doctor for blood work but decided to give Alpha Male a try. I can't say if it is helping me build muscle but has greatly increased my sex drive and performance. I literally went from having ZERO interest in sex and rarely being able to complete the act to being able to satisfy my Fiance twice a day if need be.


I would reccomend TRIBEX or Alpha Male to a younger person simply because the extra natural T can't hurt. That being said, it is not a liscence to stop training hard, eating enough, sleeping enough and being driven to build.

There is no reason why an 18 year old would not benefit from a tribulis product.


Only twice a day? I would take a little bit of ZMA, up the dosage of Alpha Male, and eat some mixed nuts. If need be, you can give my number to your fiance.


I agree. As long as your doing everything else properly(rest, food and such) no reason you can't start on Test boosters in your 20's.

There are plenty of people in their 20's with lower than desired test levels. In fact, I'd wager that percentage to be quite significant.


dude go ahead and get it the more t the more muscle mass and ull feel great all at the same time its roids but wit no side effects but being a badass


Thanks guys.FYI i'm 33 years with three kids.So i think i should't worry about messing my T levels.the product i'll use is the TribuPro. Anyone of you have tryed that?


So what? Odds are that at 33 and having 3 kids and a job, your test levels are noticably lower than where they were 10 years ago.

And I dunno why anyone would trust using any tribulus product other than the stuff they sell here, cause I sure as hell wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of good WHEY products out there. And some other good stuff. But tribulus? I wouldn't waste my time going anywhere else.