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Testosterone Going Mainstream?

I work in marketing and just for kicks I punched T-Nation.com and Muscle-Fitness.com into Ranking.com which ranks the top 900,000 sites on the web by traffic.

It seems that T-Nation’s (88,819) web site is ranked higher than Muscle&Fitness (92,416).

Does this mean that T-Nation is “mainstream”? Is the T-Nation marketing machine overtaking the empire created by the Weider’s? And you all thought your T-Mag was just a dirty little “hardcore” secret.

I wouldn’t get too worried thought, T-Nation.com is still ranked behind BodyforLife.com (70,115) and MensFitness.com (46,391).

A higher ranking may just mean that they’re reaching a larger segment of their target audience than the Muscle & Fitness site.

Besides, I bet Muscle & Fitness’ emphasis is their print magazine whereas T-Nation’s is this site.

Rankings are based purely upon the number of visitors per hour that a web site receives.

For not having a print magazine and not being in existance as long as the former Weider mag, I’d say that their ranking is pretty darn good.

Do you have any idea how much money other companies spend to get this high of a ranking?

I never meant to imply that the ranking wasn’t impressive. I was just pointing out that it has nothing to do with going “mainstream.”

I highly doubt this site will ever go “mainstream” what is espoused here is much too hard-core and difficult for the lazy slug known as “modern” man to handle.

(I mean, actually taking responsibility for your training and actions !! Training like a real man, not some emasculated pussy! Heaven forbid! )

I’m curious…

What site ranks number one?



I can do a search, right?

Here are the Top 50:


(Now why am I not surprised that Billy Boy’s “msn.com” is #1?)


This site’s ranking will start to rise after July 5th.

Just guessing.