Testosterone / GH and bone growth

Can anybody explain to me how T and GH relate to bone growth. I have read new studies that show a direct relationship between decreased levels of T and increased cases of osteoperosis in older men (and I am not getting any younger).

I just recently broke a bone in my foot and was wondering if increaseing T levels via prohormones, mag-10, tribex etc. and increasing GH via extremely large quantities of glutamine and ensuring lots of vitamins/minerals (calcium) might help in speeding up (even just a bit) the recovery from the broken bone.

Any comments from my fellow T-men/T-gals is greatly appreciated.

A few basic facts:

Calcium is needed to keep bones strong, and sufficient amounts of vitamin D is needed so that Calcium can be absorbed into the bones properly.

For men, testosterone isn’t your enemy, estrogen is. As estrogen levels decline with age, in conjuction with lower testosterone, bone loss will happen. Although, in a much less rapid fall in men as opposed to women.

Vitamins and supplemnents alone won’t keep your bones strong. You need to excercise, and the heavier weights you can lift the better. The more muscle you pack on, the more it forces your body to strengthen its frame. your bones will grow and thicken as a result of the added muscle.

Now to your recovery:


The prohormones on the market right now, consist of the anabolic steroids, Testosterone, Nandrolone, and Boldenone. These will not increase bone density. They promote lean muscle gain, and moderate wieght gain.

Testosterone is responsible for secondary, androgenic characterics like hair growth, musclular devolpment, neurogical stimulation-moods, sexual desire, etc.

GH does promote bone growth, quite rapidly if large amounts are present in the body, like during puberty. People produce smalls amounts of it each day, and it gradually decreases with every decade of age. Although it does induce bone growth, I personally would not use it, as it continues growth in your body even after use.

As far as recovery, you should really see a doctor, like a orthopedic surgeon.

DrKal, thanks for the information. Perhaps you misunderstood my original post. I am not even considering taking suplimental Growth Hormone. I was wondering if the slight increases in growth hormone production you get from supplimenting with Glutamine (assuming sufficient levels of Calcium and Vitamin D), might help (even just a little) in bone growth to speed up (even just a little) the recovery from a bone break. In addition, the articles I read on the studies pertaining to decreased testosterone and increased cases of osteoperosis made no reference to decreasing levels of estrogen. If decreasing levels of estrogen lead to bone loss (as you mentioned in your post), why then do bodybuilders try to minimize estrogen levels in their bodies. Would this not lead to bone loss ?

Thanks again


There must be somebody that can provide some info on this topic !

DrKal that was a very informative post! What do you recommend, dosage wise related to Calcium and vitamin D? Right now I take a vitamin supplement that contains Vitamin D (25 iu), Calcium D Pantothenate (12.5 mg), Dicalcium Phosphate (13mg Calcium and 9mg Phosphorus). Also, what’s a good additional source of calcium… milk seems to have a bad rap, containing xenoestrogens? Thanks for the info! Also, how much does putting on additional muscle mass help bone thickness?