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Testosterone from 400 to 600ng/dl

Could someone please offer advice on how to improve testosterone by 200ng/dl?

Can this be done naturally if so how?

Or can this be done using other products again if so how?


Naturally? Are you overweight? If so, lose weight/fat. Lift weights, heavy. Cut your carb consumption, especially refined sugar. Supplements? Zinc and Vitamin D for sure, possibly protein supplements. Maybe reduce personal/occupational stress, if possible.

There are plenty of OTC products out there claiming to increase testosterone naturally. While they may claim to be natural, it is difficult to know exactly what is in them. Many have a “proprietary blend” and some contain anabolic steroids.

Other products would include DHEA, testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate and those that increase hGH.

Hello Highpull,

No I’m not over weight. I train regulat but looking to try and get an extra boost for my training