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Testosterone for an Endurance Athlete

I am looking to do my first cycle of testosterone. Looking to recover from my workouts faster, lose fat, and recomp.

I already know about testosterones effect on muscle gain but is it suitable for increasing endurance and athletic ability?

I’ve done bodybuilding when I was younger but now i want to accomplish other goals. My workouts consist of explosive movements, not slow contracting movements.

I have a half marathon to run in February that I am currently training for. I would hope that the testosterone will boost my fat loss so I have less dead weight on me on race day.

Another goal of mine is to be able to box 152 in the amateurs. I haven’t been 152 since high school when i wrestled. Would testosterone be right for me?

Again, not looking to bodybuild, but to recomp and be stronger/more athletic pound for pound.

High dose testosterone may increase recuperation time, but with all the excess water weight/general body weight you’re times will probably increase substantially.

Keep test under 300mg/week if your goals are strength-to-weight ratio or involve a weight class. Look into EQ for endurance. Be careful with EQ, there are plenty of anecdotes about it acting like an AI and lowering your E2 too much while taking an AI like adex/asin, causing problems. 300 test/300 EQ would be a decent athletic stack, and you probably wouldn’t need any AI because of the EQ. If you are going to PCT and not blast and cruise, you’ll have to stop the EQ ~4 weeks before stopping test since it is such a long ester. Tbol was developed for East German Olympic athletes, might be worth a look at ~40mg/day for 6 weeks, but only with test, not alone. Many orals can cause big pumps, and a shoulder/arm pump for a boxer would be rough.

Beyond all that, do you really need to cycle to box amateurs? Gear is one card you can play, don’t play it until you’ve played all your other cards. Think of it as your ace-in-the-hole, the thing you do when you just can’t quite reach the next level. Plus, if you are competing in a drug-tested division, there is the ethical/moral concerns of cheating. Age plays a big part, if you are under 25 your endocrine system is still not fully developed and can be damaged. Lots of things to consider before hopping on man.

I’ve been into running/ultrarunning and biking for a long time. I have gotten better results for these types of events on low doses of test. 125mg/wk to 175mg/wk. If this is you first time trying test and want to perform in these types of events I would stick to lower doses until you have a handle on how your body reacts. When you have more time with no events you can experiment with a little higher (300-500mg/wk). @unreal24278 is right on the money. You don’t wanna show up to a HM holding a bunch of water. You won’t be pleased with your performance.

Have you looked in Carderine for endurance/fat loss?

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You should suggest Marlboros instead. It’ll take a lot longer to give him cancer and he’ll look cooler doing it.

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Wasn’t the cancer thing in rats using a giant dose? Something like 20x what humans use?

At any rate, there are other PPAR agonists, just can’t remember the name.

Can’t argue with the cool factor tho lol

The dose was about 40mg/d, which is not far off from the dose used by the less responsible members of our particular community.

I didn’t plan on using SARMs. There’s not enough research on SARMs and regular gear is tried and true.

I don’t plan on using gear when I’m actually fighting. There’s a difference between hitting a baseball on gear and hitting someone in the head(that’s where my boundaries are). And I’m pretty sure there is drug testing. I would hope so, it’ll only make sense.

I’m just trying to get down to a lower weight class(152) i haven’t been there since i was 18-19 and back then i had wrestling practice 5-6 days a week. I need rest days at my age (28).

Carderine isn’t a SARM, but I understand what you’re saying

I thought it was much higher. Ha ok scratch my suggestion then

Them PPAR agonists are known to come with bad sides. Most of them got taken off the market or never released into it (depending on country of course). I think with PPARa agonists, PPARd or PPARy agonists, the problem lies in the mechanism of action. (PPARa it’s most of the time a bad interaction that is the cause of problems. Cerivastatin scandal comes to mind. So maybe I jump the gun there, but I’m not a fan of these substances. To me it looks like these substances are part of the solely money making class, not of the money making and helping ones because to me they don’t offer extra benefits)

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4 weeks on test in the region of 150 to 300mg per week and my cycling and running abilities were in a different league.

I’m looking forward to training properly in 2021- 2020 has been a weird year and I’ve been working 100 hours some weeks so training has gone out the window.

It makes a HUGE difference- test alone without EQ increases RBC and that in turn makes you MUCH faster. Id get kicked out of the tour with my hematocrit lol!

Have you seen this satirical paper?

I’d go for the Marlboro’s, but only the full strength ones. You want as much carbon monoxide exposure as humanely possible.

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i don’t know the exact dose, maybe you’re rite but a rat given 40 mgs a day is hellllll of a lot different than a human …

The HED was 40mg/day…

ok but to a 5lb rat not a 180lb or 240lb human…

HED is human equivalent dose @150mgaweek

You know, the number of times I’ve had to write this out and explain it (most frequently on Reddit) is kind of annoying, but I do it as a service to the community. So here’s the short version:

A company discovers a miracle weight loss drug. The industrialized world is obese. So this seems like a pretty good product to have. Even if you focus on just the United States you’ve got yourself a drug that could be used by millions, which means tens of billions a year in revenue. What in the world would make you scrap that drug?

No other pharma company—and there are literally thousands of them—has bothered to pick it up and study it further. There is a reason for this.

When drug research is halted midway through clinical trials it is usually because it is deemed too dangerous to continue. It’s why they run concurrent animal safety tests while also running human phases. This drug was deemed too dangerous. The studies were halted immediately when animal tests revealed rapid cancer growth. There’s a reason they do that. The lifespan of a mouse is a lot shorter than a human. They make good test subjects because you can track the effects of a drug over a significant percentage of their life without waiting decades. Instead you can see how a drug changes them over the course of a few months. So a human may take a decade to grow a tumor while a mouse might do it in a month.

Take a look at how many drugs with questionable safety profiles have made it to market over the last two decades. It’s not very many, but there are a few. Vioxx is a good example. There’s a reason the FDA doesn’t approve drugs with cancer risks. It’s actually sort of obvious. So ask yourself why the grey market supplement makers are the ones you’re trusting vs the FDA and GSK. Dylan Gemelli has a vested interest in selling you his drugs. Why would you trust him instead of trusting that the people at GSK made the right call? The big pharma companies have all chosen to pass on this potential blockbuster drug that would bring them untold riches because it’s unsafe. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how much risk there was in that compound then I cannot imagine what would change your mind.