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Testosterone Ethanate


Im thinking about buying this off a legit source around here. Can anyone give me a better idea of how this is. I am a 19 male, 155 pounds, 5'8. I am paying 150 bucks for it. below are the specs. is this a good investment. I can either get this or D-bol in a pill form. any help is appreciated. Thanks!

-QV Test E
-10ml vial


Next time, you are 25 and 185 pounds.

Now, enjoy getting flamed.



That's a good price, but a huge waste of money. You obviously have no idea what the fuck you are doing. You are 155lbs? You have to be kidding. How long have you been training? 2-3 weeks? I have bad news..steroids are not some magic answer. They do not replace good training, proper nutrtion, knowledge and experience. You will probably end up 155lbs when you are done, and wondering if the shit you bought was real. Good luck.


I'll skip the traditional "You're too young" and the "you could gain so much more naturally" bit and go straight to the answer: You are paying $150 for a bottle of test that should cost you closer to $50. ($30 on the internet, maybe $60 on the street, give or take a few bucks on the markup). Put it this way, I paid $125 for a 50 ml bottle of the same test.

Seriously, you sound like you could gain quite a bit of strength & size (at least 20-25 more pounds) before you switch to the juice. Save the d-bol for later in life, you'll be glad you did.

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First off, thats a great price on the test. If I were you I would trash the idea of d-bol "in a pill form" and just go with the injectable d-bol. D-bol is just not as effective in the "pill form". The only oral I would go with would be oral Deca. Its really effective and I think it will give you the results you are looking for.




i weight 138 pounds a month and a half ago...im gaining

so does everyone think that this price is to much?


No Mercy,

That post of yours is hilarious but you have to be careful. If I was a noob, I would believe everything you said. If you pull this guy's leg too far, you might rip it out of socket and then he will never be able to train.

For the original poster. Before touching any AAS, calculate how many calories you are consuming per day. Now add 500-1000 calories per day and weigh yourself again in 2 weeks. These calories should come from clean foods and make sure you are busting your balls in the gym.

If you gained about 3-5 pounds, continue what you are doing and weigh yourself again in 2 weeks. Do this every 2 weeks until your weight doesn't budge. At this point you can add another 500 calories per day.

What I am trying to point out is that diet is the most important factor.


its too expensive and you'd need two vials and proper post cycle therapy but its better than a lot and a cheap first cycle if you use PCT. you need 500mg at 10 weeks.

If you are gaining naturally like that its just better to coninue for at least a few months until your body acclimates to the conditioning andnew size.


it would be nice, if people stopped trying to look real cool and say stupid shit. Im just looking for an honest answer.


These are honest answeres you are why to young i know you have not been lifting that long.

the price you are paying is way to high I pay half that and get twice the amount.


Why take drugs when you can gain 17lbs every 6 weeks?


I know some guys that age are on gear, but it is a big mistake no matter what your goals are. In my opinion that is regardless of how well developed a guy is and how good at training and eating he is.


Go read the steroid newbie thread. You have no idea what you are doing, all you would do is fuck yourself up. You make no mention of pct or any kind of dosing.


You know what mate, I heard that HMB feels like Deca, why don't you try that first?

Also, I heard NO2 gives you steroid-like gains. Where have you been all this time?

Next time do some research before asking help,



This guy is the textbook example of the kinda people who should not use:

1) Little if any training experience
2) Ignorance of PCT
3) Lack of maturity
4) 19 years old

Just my 0.02,



If you did some research on ANY DECENT BOARD then you'd know that NOBODY would tell a 19 year old that they should take any type of steroid. Aside from that the price you mentioned sucks. At least wait till your gains stop bro. Why use steroids to make gains that are already coming?

BTW, while you didn't say what your cycle was going to look like, 1 bottle of test eth is not enough for a cycle. You'd know that if you did some more research. Unless you planned on paying $300 for two bottles?? But I hope not


Here is your honest answer, you are getting ripped off. Im am currently running test e (QV 10 ml) and I got mine for about $25.



My honest answer is don't waste your money on it. Seriously, at your age you have enough Test running through you now to make impressive gains given proper training, diet, and rest. Why take the risk now when you really can impress yourself by paying attention to the details of your routine? I'd say wait a few years, and I'm not flaming you.


so what about d-bol or something else?