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Testosterone & Estrogen Bloodwork

I’ve been reading this forum for sometime now, researching AAS and possible side effects, I’m facing some problems now: High estro and possibly underdosed testosterone? English isn’t my primary language, but I hope it’s decent enough.
Been taking testosterone enanthate 625mg a week for 6 and a half week.

Estradiol - 128pg/ml (Anastrozole 1mg a week).
Testosterone - 2420 ng/dl (625mg test e).

So, basically I want to know if my test is underdosed and what to do about high E? Increase the dosage or keep it the same for longer? As I have been taking it only for 7 days. Thanks.

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Let me know if this is right.

You have been using testosterone for 7 days? At what dose? Are these blood levels from 7 days of use? And are you taking 1mg of arimidex a week? As in you have taken 1 tablet the 7 days you have been using testosterone?

Please be as detailed as possible especially if English isn’t your first language it will help people to understand what’s going on

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Come back in 5 weeks with new bloodwork. Not much anyone can say to help only 1 week in, unfortunately.

Ok, sorry thatt I didn’t post enough details. I have been on testosterone for 6 and a half weeks (625mg) and only arround week 5 I have started to feel very bloated and emotional and also no morming wood, so I have been taking Anastrozole at 1mg (0.25mg mon & wed and 0.5mg on friday). Just in case I’m AI ‘overresponder’

Then you need to give the anastrozol some more time to work. The half life is 3.5d (double check that) so you’ll want to take .5mg twice a week. Do that for a few weeks and see if you’re not feeling better. I bet that will be.

Thank you for your input, I will do just that :slight_smile: What do you think about my test is it too low at 2420 ng/dl (625mg/week)?

It is what it is. Not everyone responds in a linear way. Some guys take that dose and end up at 3,000+. It seems a little low, but it’s not for me to speculate as to the accuracy of the dose you’re taking.

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Thanks again, I appreciate someone experienced answering some things that newbie like me is overthinking.

What’s is your body fat% and how clean is your diet?

Body fat before cycle was about 12-13% 200 pounds at 6’1 and now I can’t say since I’m bloated from high E. 4000 calories (350g protein, 400g carbs, 111g fats). Most of my protein is from huge amount of chicken breast everyday, canned tunas, greek yoghurt, salmon, shakes and low fat dairy. Carbs come from whole grains, fruits like bananas, apples, pears, oats, dairy and occasional cheat meal. Fats from all kind of nuts, cheese, some fatter dairy 2.5% at most, salmon, fish oil supps.

Diet seems clean and body fat is good.

Def dont over due the AI. As iron said give it some time to work and bring levels down get labs and go from there

your e2 is too high that is why you have those side effects

if it doesnt get better in a week, increase anastrozol dosage slowly

I’ll just keep anastrozole at 1mg/week then for another week and see how I feel, but I gotta feeling that it’s not enough and I’ll end up somewhere in 1.5 - 2mg/week range. Anyway, do you think my test is underdosed? As my test is only 2420ng/dl at 625mg/week or is it as Iron said that it’s more individual thing, than dose dependant?

Ya idk. This topic has been talked about before here. The latest was someone on trt running 300mg/week with test levels of 600 or something crazy and apparently his gear was prescription gear from a doctor.

This leads me to believe that individuals metabolize testosterone differently I don’t know how common it is or drastic the difference can be but I want to know why. I have yet to see someone post something on how person A takes 300mg/week and has a test level of 600 and person B has a test level of 2000.

My test levels on 750/week were in the 5000s

But let’s not get to hung up on test levels what is important is how much free test you have. If your free test levels are low it doesn’t matter how high your total test level is.

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